Legendary perk up in - Canny Valley
Lightning Storm Alert
Adept Constructors Metal Corrosion Quickened Nature Storm Life Leech Attacks
60 180
Beta Storm: Eliminate and Collect
Ghost Town - Canny Valley
One time rewards
Legendary perk up
x 60
Amp up
x 180
Repeatable rewards
Hero experience
Survivor experience
Adept Constructors
Adept Constructors
Constructors do more damage.
Metal Corrosion
Metal Corrosion
Basic husk melee attacks cause metal buildings to corrode, periodically damaging them for a time.
Enemies gain movement speed for a time after taking damage.
Nature Storm Nature Storm
Converts all elemental enemies to Nature
  • Nature damage will target your energy first then shield and at the end your health
  • Use Fire weapons
  • When you face a Nature husk its recommended to build metalStone, do not build wood due to the low amount of hitpoints that wooden structures provide.
Life Leech Attacks
Life Leech Attacks
Enemies restore health each time they deal damage.