Legendary perk up in - Canny Valley
Fire Storm Alert
Adept Ninjas Uncharted Enemies Life Leech Attacks Fire Storm Acid Pools
60 180 102
36562.5 59
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The Suburbs - Canny Valley
One time rewards
Legendary perk up
x 60
Fire up
x 180
Adventure Tickets
x 102
Repeatable rewards
Schematic experience
Epic perk up
Adept Ninjas
Adept Ninjas
Ninjas do more damage.
Uncharted Enemies
Uncharted Enemies
Enemies don't show up on the minimap.
Life Leech Attacks
Life Leech Attacks
Enemies restore health each time they deal damage.
Fire Storm Fire Storm
Converts all elemental enemies to Fire
  • Fire damage, the damage is first applied on your shield, then health
  • Use Water Weapons
  • When you face a Fire husks its recommended to build metalMetal ( because metal constructions provide more hit points ), it's ok to build with Stone.
Acid Pools
Acid Pools
Enemies have a chance to leave a damaging pool on the ground when they die.