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Q : How to use the support a creator code

    Head over to your item shop TUqPpT7C5wuxhwm875Mwvqc22sZuiI-6QSVjzgv1. On the bottom right of the screen, you will see a button, type in the code in the text field


Click Accept.


If everything went correctly you will see the code on the top right





Epic’s Support-A-Creator program enables Creators to earn money from Fortnite and games in the Epic games store.


In Fortnite accepted Creators will receive $5 USD (or the local currency equivalent) for every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by players who elect to support them in-game. This applies to free V-Bucks that players have earned as well as any V-Bucks they’ve purchased. Fans declare their support for a Creator in-game by entering the Creator’s Epic tag via the “Support a Creator” button, found in the Item Shop in Battle Royale, or the Loot tab in Save the World.


For games on the Epic Games store accepted Creators can share referral Links on their content channels or promote their Creator tag to their supporters to get credit for sales of games on the Epic Games store. Supporters follow Creator links or enter Creator Tags during checkout on the Epic Games store. Each game has a different revenue share for attributed sales set by the Developer but with a minimum rate of 5%.


Make sure to re-apply the code every 2 weeks.


The vast majority of the income will be used to host community events.

[ https://fortnitedb.com/v2/events/list ]

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