Eye of the storm in - Plankerton
Powerful SMGs Frenzied Deathburst Slowing Attacks Fire Storm
5 140
12675 12675
Evacuate the Shelter
Autumn City - Plankerton
One time rewards
Eye of the storm
x 5
Fire up
x 140
Repeatable rewards
Survivor experience
Hero experience
Powerful SMGs
Powerful SMGs
SMGs do more damage.
Frenzied Deathburst
Frenzied Deathburst
When enemies die, they grant nearby enemies a brief increase in attack as well as both movement and attack speed.
Slowing Attacks
Slowing Attacks
Whenever a player is struck by a melee attack, they move more slowly for a short time.
Fire Storm Fire Storm
Converts all elemental enemies to Fire
  • Fire damage, the damage is first applied on your shield, then health
  • Use Water Weapons
  • When you face a Fire husks its recommended to build metalMetal ( because metal constructions provide more hit points ), it's ok to build with Stone.