Eye of the storm in - Plankerton
Melee Life Leech Life Leech Attacks Acid Pools Ice Storm
2 130 65
Beta Storm: Eliminate and Collect
The Forest - Plankerton
One time rewards
Eye of the storm
x 2
Frost up
x 130
Snow Tickets
x 65
Repeatable rewards
Hero experience
Survivor experience
Melee Life Leech
Melee Life Leech
Heroes heal by a percentage of the melee damage they deal.
Life Leech Attacks
Life Leech Attacks
Enemies restore health each time they deal damage.
Acid Pools
Acid Pools
Enemies have a chance to leave a damaging pool on the ground when they die.
Ice Storm Ice Storm
Converts all elemental enemies to Water
  • Water damage will target your shield first then energy
  • Use Nature Weapons
  • When you face a Water husk it's recommended to build metalMetal, do not build wood due to the low amount of hitpoints that wooden structures provide.