Build Off 2: Reinforcement
Part of the Stonewood Quest Line Current #14 Remaining 10
Build Off 2: Reinforcement
Kyle and Penny's final build off! Let's build some more structures!
Build Level 2 Structures in successful missions in a 9+ zone
1750 Hero experience
Controller Harper
Increase Building Upgrade Level
Category Main Quests Group \Stonewood

    Starting Dialogues
  1. Dennis : Penny, Kyle, Ray...
  2. Dennis : You may be wondering why I called you to the Homebase control center.
  3. Penny : No.
  4. Kyle : Not really.
  5. Ray : I'm mostly wondering how.
  6. Dennis : No time to explain this ring of keys I found.
  7. Dennis : The Great Build Off ended in a tie, and the people cry out for closure.
  8. Ray : That's news to me.
  9. Dennis : Oh yeah. Like, all the time. The populace is distraught!
  10. Ray : Dennis, man. The world's crawling with monsters. Some of us have things to do.
  11. Dennis : Then, I declare a Sudden Death Build fight!
  12. Dennis : Stone City rules. No holds barred!
  13. Dennis : First builder to fifty level two walls wins.
  14. Ending Dialogues
  15. Ray : I thought I'd get into the spirit of the competition, so I came up with a prize.
  16. Ray : The winner of the Sudden Death build fight will be able to unlock Level Three Walls!
  17. Ray : And, the winner is....
  18. Ray : Penny!
  19. Ray : And Kyle.
  20. Ray : Another tie, ladies and gentleman. Level three walls for all who want them!
  21. Dennis : I really need you to declare a winner here, Ray.
  22. Ray : Sorry, my hands are tied.
  23. Dennis : Okay.
  24. Dennis : Uh, hey. On an unrelated note, if everyone in homebase comes looking for me...
  25. Dennis : Saying things like how they want to break my thumbs and brutalize my kneecaps...
  26. Dennis : Or that Dennis' Off-Zone betting is a scam, just tell them that I am very scared...
  27. Ray : Dennis! Do not start a casino! I shouldn't have to say that!
  28. Ray : This is how we get rules. You want rules?
  29. Dennis : Everyone kind of agrees that I do best in a structured environment.
  30. Dennis : It's like boundaries make me feel safe or something.
  31. Ray : Fine.