Hit the Road
Help Penny make her way to the Radio Station in this edge-of-your-seat sequel where things get a little bit weird.
2019-09-16 (13 hours ago)
Field Agent Rio
Fresh off a promotion and ready for fieldwork! Field Agent Rio is back in the Event Store now!
2019-09-12 (4 days ago)
Hot Mix Pistol
Fires a pair of Sonic Blasts that pierce enemies. Turn the husks into a hot mess with the Hot Mix.
2019-09-05 (1 week ago)
New Driver!
Quinn Hits the Road for part 2 of her Song of the Summer! Tune in as she makes way on the second part of her adventure.
2019-08-29 (2 weeks ago)
Sound Wall Trap
Make the Husks dance to your heart's content with the new Sound Wall trap! Unlocked by completing the "Well-Traveled" quest in Hit the Road.
2019-08-27 (2 weeks ago)
Rad Llama
Grab this new llama which includes the new Totally Rad Heroes and Boombox Weapons!
2019-08-27 (2 weeks ago)
Long Road Home Questline
The past and future collide in this time destroying adventure! Help Ray, Dennis, and Lars fight their way through these hard times.
2019-08-27 (2 weeks ago)
V6 Launcher
Smoke the competition with this high damage, high fire rate Rocket Launcher
2019-08-22 (3 weeks ago)
New Weekly Driver!
Penny Hits the Road! Tune in as she introduces a new quest and weekly narrative.
2019-08-15 (1 month ago)
Thunder Thora
Bring the thunder with this returning Constructor hero!
2019-08-15 (1 month ago)
Use your favorite emotes, music packs, and loading screens with the locker!
2019-08-14 (1 month ago)
This returning assault rifle is just our... type!
2019-08-08 (1 month ago)
Cloaked Star
Cloaked in mystery, this Mythic Ninja uses throwing stars to take down the Husks.
2019-08-01 (1 month ago)
Prehistoric Izza
Go Jurassic with this new Constructor!
2019-07-31 (1 month ago)
Tales of Beyond Questline
Investigate Lok's claims of a monster seen around Home Base. Join Ray and get to the bottom of what's going on!
2019-07-27 (1 month ago)
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