M.S.K team needed

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hi guys, im wondering if theres any groups / squads looking for good players to fight the storm king. im finding it difficult to find players who know how to beat him. . im a level 131 player, I have 7 of the mythic schematics, but have also beat him on many occasions to help out others. I have both a special forces build and a lynx build made up. I have good knowledge of the mechanics and I have the skill. im a very experienced stw player with around 560 days logged in.  about 600 past comm level and in the top 30 leaderboard for the highest coll book levels. I have the launcher ,santas helper, sk hand thing , surround pound , earsplitter, deatomiser etc all 130 correctly god rolled. on the occasions I do find good team members hes beaten within a handful of games only. any peeps out there in the same boat please get back to me. id be a good addition to an existing team. or would be happy to create a new team. thanks for reading feel free to check me out  STEZ_MCFARLANE

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