Crazy Sword Crit Ninja

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spamwangle Link to build


Deadly Blade Crash

Corrosive Strikes +

Team Perk

Dim Mak


Perk Hero Name
Assassination Jade Assassin Sarah
Rapid Charge Anti-Cuddle Sarah
Easy Sword Forged Fate
Legendary Blade Swordmaster Ken
Anatomy Lessons Whiteout Fiona


I've been using this build for months now at 131 and it has insane damage output, being able to solo 140 Encampments with careful play, it also is quite good at countering nature storms/husks as 2 of the perks explicitly help that. 

Reccommended weapons to use are obviously Storm King's Ravager but if you do not have that the Spectral Blade works too, but admittedly not nearly as well. The jumping heavy attack on the Ravager (or the regular heavy attack on the Spectral) is great for clearing husks and mist monsters. 

As for perking the weapons, I would recommend building 2x Critical Damage and 1x Critical Rating, this is the best for consisant DPS on mist monsters and on regular husk types.


Dim Mak is team per soully for surviability so we don't need a Survivalist Jonesy.

Jade Assassin Sarah is obviously interchangable with any of the other assassins.

Rapid Charge is mainly for nature enemies so you can still heavy attack if you're a Spectral Blade/Ravager user.

Easy Sword again for Spectral/Ravager use, definitely helps.

Legendary Blade is honestly quite underwhelming but extra damage is extra damage.

Anatomy Lessons is perfect in support when combined with a 2x Crit Damage 1x Crit Rating Sword.

Gadgets are pretty interchangable but I would reccomend them for general missions and SSDs.



Hover Turret Adrenaline Rush

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