Shuriken mist monster killer

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nightghg12 Link to build


Shuriken Master Sarah

Cascade +

Team Perk

Round Trip


Perk Hero Name
Ghoulish Cackle Willow
Unearthly Treat Swamp Knight
Fan Of Stars The Cloaked Star
Rapid Fire Swift Shuriken Llamurai
Sub Wafers Main Stage Quinn


This build is a build used to kill mist monsters (preferrably smashers). With this build you can do massive amounts of damage (almost) instantly, killing even 140 smashers in one hit (in a full group at half health).

How to use:

- because of Cloaked star`s perk, you have to be about 1 tile close to your targert and if there is no wall behind it, you have to aim at the ground (the targets feet) so that it will get hit twice. The shurikens will come back because of round trip and deal double the damage if they bounce off either a wall or the ground.

- To maximize the damage of the shurikens, you have to be at about half health because of ghoulish cackle and unearthly treat which give a massive damage bonus.


- Sub wafers are optional and is not a necessity, I used Sub Wafers for elemental smashers since shurikens deal physical damage and deal only 50% damage against elemental enemies.

- Shurikens can Headshot and deal 50% (?) more damage

- It´s also great for clearing out hordes of smaller enemies if you stand a bit further away


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