Deadly blade

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boudi.mhmd Link to build


Deadly Blade Crash

Corrosive Strikes +

Team Perk

Blast From The Past


Perk Hero Name
Saurian Claws Paleo Luna
Saurian Hide Prehistoric Izza
Monster Smash Arleen Izza
From the Depths Mermonster Ken
Anatomy Lessons Whiteout Fiona


Deadly Blade Crash loadout 

blast from the past for max health, saurian claws to get high dmg from your max health, and when your health is low than from the depths work give you 44% more dmg based on you missing health, monster smash to heal with life leech 15% based on your missing health, anatomy lessons to have crit rating by 15 in percentage 17.5% more chance of crit dmg.

And please Use Code GrayedRuby in the Item Shop


Slow Field Hover Turret

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