Dungeon Smasher 2.0

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vanti64 Link to build


Prehistoric Izza

Saurian Hide +

Team Perk

Blakebeard's Stash


Perk Hero Name
Avast Mateys Blakebeard The Blackhearted
Goin' Coconuts Crossbones Barret
Swab The Deck Privateer Hype
Bomb Suit BombSquad Kyle
Monster Smash Arleen Izza


Solo'd The Crypts lvl 140 with this build. Video is on YouTube below! Also solo'd The Labrynth 140 with it!


Peg Legs deal LOADS of damage, Coconuts buff dmg and give a lot of leeway for heals. Have learned the hard way I don't think you can eat coconuts when trapped in a Troll Trap though, beware!


Adrenaline Rush Hover Turret

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