Lynx build for MSK

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horvcsa Link to build


Lynx Kassandra

Hang time +

Team Perk

Blast From The Past


Perk Hero Name
Saurian Might Rex Jonesy
Saurian Hide Prehistoric Izza
Hardware Crit Rating Guardian Bull
Bomb Suit BombSquad Kyle
Sub Wafers Main Stage Quinn


Lynx Kassandra build for Mythic Storm King.

Weapons to use: Surround Pound or Storm King's Fury (brightcore, physical, crit build for best results)

Farm the cars and metal building at the beginning. You only need two wafers so you can distribute the rest among your team members.

User Kunai Storm and a rocket launcher to deal with Smasher Bosses.

Use Campfires to heal yourself. Build 2-3 tiles high to avoid husks.

Eat one wafer, before you are about to start damaging the horns.

Gadgets: Adrenaline Rush and Hover Turret (since there is not much anything else, that would be useful)


Adrenaline Rush Hover Turret

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