Steam Trasher/Surround Pound/Husk Warper Heavy Attack Focused

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ana.malnic Link to build


Anti-Cuddle Sarah

Rapid Charge +

Team Perk

Blast From The Past


Perk Hero Name
Saurian Claws Paleo Luna
Saurian Hide Prehistoric Izza
Survivalist Birthday Brigade Jonesy
Saurian Focus Fossil Southie
Medicinal Fumes Alchemist Sarah


Got the highest combat score in a PL132 mission as a PL109 player using the Surround Pound heavy attack. Every other player on my team was over PL120. Paleo Luna with Blast from the Past gives you good damage, Fossil Southie and Anti-Cuddle Sarah make sure you never run out of energy, Survivalist Jonesy, Prehistoric Izza and Alchemist Sarah keep your health up (especially in higher PL missions). I didn't die once during the PL132 mission I mentioned. If you like Ninja/Melee builds, this is a great one. 

Side note: the Surround Pound makes Riot Huskys drop their shield, which makes it very easy to kill them :)


Hover Turret Adrenaline Rush

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