Shotgun "Archetype"

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kzinsans Link to build


Archetype Havoc

Escape Artist +

Team Perk

Totally Rockin' Out


Perk Hero Name
Battle Beat Breakbeat Wildcat
Fumble Varsity Hiro
Critical Blast Buckshot Raptor
Shell Shock Shrapnel Headhunter
Ghoulish Cackle Willow


(This is my first Build so any feedback or any criticism would be appreciatable)

Pretty much you are unkillable

**Exploring the build**

Achetype Havoc is a underrated Hero/Commander. His commander perk is Escape Artist

"Using Shockwave gives you increased spped by 40% and armor of 145 for 9 sec."

and as you know Shockwave is a Close-Range Ability with a good impact, with this in mind if you want to use this ability you need to be really close to husks for you to profit from it.

that's where shotguns come into play, i will assume you are using these weapons (Pulsar 9000, Stalwart Squire or the new shotgun Black Drum or any close range shotgun) you need to be in range to use them, and sometimes you're gonna get swarmed with husks or getting attacked by 4 Blasters at once and this where this build shines. as Soon you're below half HP use your shockwave which as gonna do alot for you

**Support Team**

since we're using Totally Rockin' Out (Rockin' Riff increase CR by 160 and heals for 73 Base HP. Obtained by having Dennis Jr.)we gonna use Breakbeat Wildcat (Eliminating 10 Enemies in 9 Sec grants you Rockin' Riff) and Varsity Hiro (Eliminated Enemies have 7% chance to drop a Football, picking them up grants Rockin' Riff). These two synergize pretty good together since you're gonna be killing alot of husks with your shotguns or just by using Shockwave.

Buckshot Raptor (Increases Shotgun CD by 75%) and Shrapnel Headhunter (Increase Shotgun Damage by 17%) these two appear in every shotgun build because their perk is good, doing more damage is always good in this game.

Lastly we have Willow (Increase Ability Damage based on percentage of your missing health) one of the Best/Worst heros in the game, this hero in itself pretty harsh on Players who are alwayes used to have Max HP and-or to new players who don't understand the mechanics of this hero, but all that aside she goes pretty good with Havoc.

**How to Use**

Since we have Totally Rockin' Out you are gonna be rarely at Low HP and if that happens and you are getting blasted just use your Shockwave which is gonna be doing alot of damage (Because of Willow) also you are getting some armor and increased speed (Havoc's Perk) which will allow to sustain for a good duration.

so that's all just go and have fun. :)

Edit: for gadgets use whatever you like


Hover Turret Slow Field

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