Swordmaster Master

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jdrinker Link to build


Swordmaster Ken

Legendary Blade +

Team Perk

Endless Shadow


Perk Hero Name
Anatomy Lessons Whiteout Fiona
Assassination Assassin Sarah
Corrosive Strikes Deadly Blade Crash
Wings Of The Dragon Dragon Scorch
Saurian Claws Paleo Luna


This build kills pretty much everything with a couple of sword swings, when you are in Shadow Stance and you have a sword with +30 Crit Rating and +135% Crit Damage.


If you need a little more survivability you can swap Paleo Luna for Survivalist Jonesy.

If you want to do some extra Damage inbetween sword swings, swap Paleo Luna for Snuggle Specialist Sarah or The Cloaked Shadow.


Hover Turret Adrenaline Rush

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