Grenade x Gun Build

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zer0assassin16 Link to build


Undercover Vaughn

Grenade Damage +

Team Perk

Keep Out


Perk Hero Name
Assault Crit Damage Tactical Assault Sledgehammer
Mad Tidings Crackshot
Cluster Bomb Demolisher Jonesy
Bigger Is Better Master Grenadier Ramirez
Survivalist Survivalist Jonesy


It's and Grenade and Gun damage build focused on Grenades but on gun damage as well.

Survivalist Jonsey is recommended always on the builds I use to stay alive in the battle against the husks.

I chose slow field to help for the epic bosses or for large horde pushing one direction and the hover turrets for more support for the team.

Keep out is a good team perk with the commander for more grenade damage 

Crackshot and Sledgehammer for more assault rifle damage but rescue trooper Ramirez is a good choice too. My way to have a hybrid build focusing on gun and grenade damage 


Hover Turret Slow Field

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