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Make It Count +

Team Perk

Preemptive Strike


Perk Hero Name
Six Shooter Quickdraw Calamity
Locked and Reloaded Skull Ranger Ramirez
Plasma Arc Cyberclops
Fault Line Vanguard Southie
Energy Siphon Intergalactic Ken


Overview- The room for changing up this build is very limited. That being paired with all of these Heroes being from events makes this a very niche build for long time players looking for something new to try. Energy Siphon is the only Ability easily replaced, but for this specific guide we are feature a tandom of Energy Pistols. That makes him the single best Survivability option for high end gameplay. I am not personally a fan of Energy weapons, but this build has more than enough damage at the highest level of missions, which in turn gives us an easy out when it comes to staying alive.

Six Shooter - No Special Prep - the damage and Impact makes both weapon feel great at every level of play.

Locked And Reloaded - Special Prep - Leaving your Jack's Revenge Unloaded until needed is a bit of a worth while gambit. 1.7 Second reload will yield a much stroner first shot, especially when paried with Preemptive Strike. Ofcourse this is a gambit for a reason, 1.7 seconds can feel like forever at times. 

Plasma Arc - No Special Prep - This build is is designed around Bosses/Smashers and can be a struggle with smaller targets in groups. Plasma Arc's damage really helps out in these types of scenarios. 

Fault Line - No Special Prep - Seismic Smash is just an amazing ability to have readily available. This ability will also allow you to siphon health from smaller targets to help maintain shields while enabling Plasma Arc in crowds.

Energy Siphon - Special Prep - If you are not using Energy Weapons this ability will not see it's full potential and something like Survivalist will feel a lot more beneficial. That being said the point of this ability is to keep you in the fight longer while while your Adrenaline Rush cooldown expires.



Flintlock- Crit Rate - 2x Crit Damage - Reload Speed (RIP Mag Size) - Energy. If you want to use something other than Energy you will be losing value with Energy Siphon. Head shot damage can also be considered in place of a Crit Damage, but not recommended unless you aim is great. 

Last Word- Crit Rate - 2x Crit Damage - Reload Speed - Energy. You could think about headshot damage, but seriously (As a guy who loves HS builds) don't. If you want to use something other than Energy you will be losing value with Energy Siphon.

Armor/Movement- Your third slot should be committed to moving or staying alive. Although no one is judging if you dual wield Jack's Revenge before busting out the Last Word.


Play Style- This build is centralized around a "Shake n Bake" tandom of weapons. Leading into a fight with a Smasher/Boss you would be using the Flintlock Pistol. Ideally this weapon is swapped too needing to Reload it to empower Locked And Reloaded. Hope you hit a gnarly Crit Headshot and follow up with a hot swap to the Last Word to finish the job. Do not ADS with the Last Word as this will lower your overall damage output. 


Benchmarks -

3 Star Weapons- In a full party, I found a very easy time using this build up to PL100 Husks. This is to include the boss. Also health was never a concern. Reminder, this was with a party of other high level players.

4 Star Weapons- In a full party, it was very easy to maintain Health, destroy bosses/smashers and crowd control up to PL140 Husks. This was with a near max level team. Not nearly as mindless as PL100 Zones, but spawn camping with a bit of sense when it comes to taking cover was very easy.

5 Star Weapons- In a full party, anything north of PL140 was where you will need to show a bit more skill and require using the highest level weapons. Spawn Camping/ Encampents can overwhelm your health bar rather quickly if you are not taking cover from bees, blasters etc. You will need to time your abilites approprietly while keeping your current health/shield at the forefront of how you choose to engage. That being said, you will never find yourself needing more damage when grouped with high level teammates. 


Hover Turret Adrenaline Rush

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