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Subscriptions are not mandatory but greatly appreciated. This will cover the server costs and future development, which as you might know is my full-time job, which I dedicated nearly 2 years.


Current active subscription plans can be found here 


Subscription perks


Tier 1

No Ads
10h Profile Fetch Time( 12h default )



Tier 2

No Ads
6h Profile Fetch Time ( 12h default )
Profile Customization
Completed Missions


Tier 3

No Ads
3h Profile Fetch Time ( 12h default )
Profile Visibility
Profile Customization
Automatic Profile Fetching
Completed Missions



Perk details

No Ads

Advertisements are disabled across the whole site. ( requires to be logged in )


Profile Fetch Time

Profile Fetch Time - depending on the tier, the default 12h value will be changed. This value will be assigned to a profile and doesn't require you to be logged in.


The fetching process stores your profile data towards



Profile Visibility 


Allows you to hide certain sections in your profile from the public.

Anyone visiting the given profile will see only the checked fields.

If the profile is yours ( verified + you are logged in ) - you will see all the sections.


Profile Customization 

Changes your profile appearance for everyone visiting.

This values are only scoped to the profile, not the whole site.



Automatic Profile Fetching

Your profile data will be automatically refreshed ( Profile Fetch Time )


Completed Missions

Adds a completed missions block in your profile. All completed alert missions will be listed here.



Setting up

First of all make sure you have the following

  • Forum account ( can be any )
  • FortniteDB account
  • Your profile is verified ( how to do that )
  • Active subscription

Once everything is set, login_block.png click My profile

First, go to Forum & Config


Click Sign In


You will be redirected to the forum, login and you should see a confirmation page.


Once a subscription is detected you can proceed towards the Customization button.




At the top, you will see confirmation blocks.



Click on Profile Appearance or Visibility to expand the sections.

After choosing your settings click Save.


After clicking Save, you can also click the Preview Customization to see how does it affect your profile.


Disable Adblock, might be a fix in some cases.


If you feel like the data is not accurate or changed

Go to Forum & Config


Click Sign In


It should automatically fetch the latest settings if there is still inaccuracy message me on discord


If you happen to run out of a subscription, your configuration will be still stored, and accessible once you get an active one.


Content Creators

If you are a content creator (Twitch&Youtube) you might contact me on discord (or direct message on forum) to get free subscription plans.

Not everyone will be eligible


Managing Subscriptions

You can check your active subscriptions here : https://fortnitedb.com/subscriptions/


If you want to you can downgrade, upgrade and extend your plan. If you do so make sure to follow the Troubleshooting step, to refresh your data.


Renewing or upfront payments.

By default, your plan will last 1 month. If you want upfront a payment longer than 30 days go to  https://fortnitedb.com/subscriptions/ and click renew_0.png then renew.png

Then fill accordingly.


You can also preview them here https://fortnitedb.com/clients/purchases/


Profiles gallery




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