Kinetic Syd

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moonfan99 Link to build


Steel Wool Syd

Maximum Overload +

Team Perk

Totally Rockin' Out


Perk Hero Name
Battle Beat Breakbeat Wildcat
Sub Wafers Main Stage Quinn
Knight's Impact Black Knight Garridan
Hardware Crit Rating Guardian Bull
Plasma Arc Cyberclops


1. Syd gives increased kinetic overload, which is activated by the push of melee weapons.
2. Basher smasher arm in double attack speed and double impact in order to obtain kinetic overload. Element-energy.
3. Battle Beat allows you to activate a Rockin riff after 10 kills.
4. Sub Wafers allows you to activate a Powerful reef when you need.
5. Plasma Arc grants extra damage from energy damage.
6. Knights Impact grants extra of the hammer impact.
7. Hardwar crit rating increases critical rating of the Smasher Basher.
8. Team perk of Totally Rockin' out improves crit rating, attack speed and survivability Sid.



Adrenaline Rush Hover Turret

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