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pavelcak97 Link to build


Ghoul Trooper Ramirez

Practiced In Combat +

Team Perk

Hunter's Instinct


Perk Hero Name
Leadership Colonel Wildcat
Goin' Coconuts Crossbones Barret
Work, Work Pathfinder Jess
Bass Solo Steel Wool Carlos
Sub Wafers Main Stage Quinn


Fastest pickaxe farmer under sun.

Commander: Ghoul Trooper Ramirez or Brainiac Jonesy for 9 second longer War Cry

War Cry increases Overall damage by 45% and melee speed by 20%. Works for pickaxes.

Team perk: Hunter Instict... During night, after 40 eliminations damage is increased by 0.24% for each support hero in epic rarity or above with 4 or more stars. If all 5 heroes meets requirements and after 40 elims during night you should do 48% bonus pickaxe damage.

Support Perks :

Leadership for 17% shorter War Cry cooldown.

Goin' Coconut: increases pickaxe damage by 16% while affected by coconut and also heals.

Work, Work: Increases pickaxe damage by 17%

Bass Solo: Increases War Cry duration by 0,4s for each elim up to 15 elims ( 6 second bonus)

Sub Wafers: Farm metal objects and consume sub wafers while farming. grants 50% damage and 32% melle attack speed but declines over 8 seconds (works for pickaxes)

How to do : Place turret, activate war cry, consume coconut and woofer then start farming. It's better in missions with soldier bufs like increased soldier damage or shorter soldier ability cooldowns. Play in private with friend using same loadout and rotate warcry.

Video showcases build without coconut, without activated hunters instintct and not in soldier damage buff mission, but it's still fast for 132pl zone


Hover Turret Adrenaline Rush

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