Thunder Thighs

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mermaidmaniacgaming Link to build


Thunder Thora

Electrified Floors +

Team Perk

Supercharged Traps


Perk Hero Name
Power Modulation Power B.A.S.E. Knox
Frozen Castle The Ice King
Fully Contained Electro-pulse Penny
Feel The BASE Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle
Lofty Architecture B.A.S.E. Kyle


Ideally, BASE Kyle or HEAVY BASE Kyle are the two constructors to go to for creating monster bases that output a lot of damage but if you're like me, and prefer playing female commanders or are just in love with Thunder Thora (Miss Thunderthighs) then this is a great loadout for making BASE that deals major damage and keeping that viking warrior queen as your commander. 


Adrenaline Rush Hover Turret

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