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Hit The Road - No Damage build.

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cagle.j Link to build


Paleo Luna

Saurian Claws +

Team Perk

Blast From The Past


Perk Hero Name
Saurian Might Rex Jonesy
Survivalist Survivalist Jonesy
Goin' Coconuts Crossbones Barret
Saurian Hide Prehistoric Izza
Fuel for the Fallen Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy


This build focuses on being versatile with any weapon while also increasing survivability in the late game. You can retrieve Blu Glo, hunt for the satellite dish, or anything else that requires you to venture into the storm without worrying about much. My build puts her health pool at around 650k which equates to insane melee damage with her commander perk.


Hover Turret Supply Drop

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