How to verify FortniteDB account?

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Acquiring a verification badge

Benefits of a verified profile over an unverified profile.


Basically, your creator name on builds will be your nickname after authorization [ email / gmail / facebook login ], there will be no epic games profile attached nor a link for it - since it's impossible to determine that without the verification.


Verification process

After you have successfully logged in click  My profileimage10.png from the top navigation bar.

Head over to image9.pngon the left-hand side.

You will see a form with 2 inputs.


  1. Epic name: Your epic name, point 3. [ Forum Name ]
  2. Forum name: Your forum id-name, point 3a. [ Epic Name ]


Getting the forum name

1.    Go to the following link https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/forums/ or manually choose Forums from the top navigation bar


2. Once you are in the forums click: profile



3. Then from the website address copy, the highlighted part [ Forum Name ]



 3a. Copy your in-game name [ Epic Name ]


4. Paste copied values from above in the Epic Name and Forum name field


5. On the v2 My profile site click image20.png. This will generate you a unique code that you have to paste in the biography. Simply copy and paste it.



6. While being on the Epic Games profile forum page, click Edit Settings.


7. Scroll down to the Biography section and paste your code.


8. And click image26.png

9. Once it's done click


From now on your profile should be verified. If somehow it won't verify report it in the FortniteDB > Updates > Bug Reports board.



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