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"Teddy Hits the Road 2"

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vrodaire Link to build


Trailblazer Quinn

Bearserker +

Team Perk

Long Arm Of The Law


Perk Hero Name
Bear With Me Jingle Jess
Impossibility Matrix Old Glory A.C.
Bear Stare Staredown Southie
Overbearing Ventura Ramirez
Survivalist Birthday Brigade Jonesy


Similar to "Teddy Hits the Road", this build focuses on farming and consistent damage (with bears, turrets and shock towers). The reason to choose this over the first version is if you want Shock Towers, like the extra damage option in the phases with attacks and are willing to sacrifice the Seismic Smash.

The choice of 'Long Arm of the Law' is again optional (I haven't noticed a team perk that is better than another for 'Hit The Road'.

Some have suggested the gadget of Supply Drop rather than Adrenaline Rush to round out more of the farming supplies. I get damaged too often racing outside the shield.


Adrenaline Rush Hover Turret

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