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"Teddy Hits The Road"

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vrodaire Link to build


Jingle Jess

Bear With Me +

Team Perk

Phase Blaster


Perk Hero Name
Bearserker Trailblazer Quinn
Bear Stare Staredown Southie
Overbearing Ventura Ramirez
Impossibility Matrix Old Glory A.C.
Survivalist Birthday Brigade Jonesy


In 'Teddy Hits the Road', you start with no weapons & no supplies. The way I play I want to have a Good Bear, a Hover Turret, and be able to scrounge supplies for defense. Phase Shift helps you race around for sub-mission goals, as well as get to and get from combat. An alternative I looked at was switching to a Trailblazer as the main hero for the Shock Tower and it is a good option (entered as 'Teddy Hits The Road 2').

Birthday Brigade Jonesy is included to help you regain health in this Event.

Team Perk 'Phase Builder' is completely optional (I wanted to like Zap, it just didn't work well for me)



Adrenaline Rush Hover Turret

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