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letshavefun2night Link to build


Shock Trooper Renegade

Doppler Effect +

Team Perk

Blast From The Past


Perk Hero Name
Power Impact Love Ranger Jonesy
Escape Artist Archetype Havoc
Saurian Focus Fossil Southie
Saurian Hide Prehistoric Izza
Survivalist Birthday Brigade Jonesy


Shockwave spam

amazing especially in "well drilled soldiers" missions (3 sec CD)


Hover Turret Slow Field

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Posted (edited)

i did something like this for hit the road, i used cool customer for -3sec cd if u kill 3 husks prior to using ability. so you can be -8 seconds everytime. increase raidus, coconuts for heals, and grenade raidus to get the 3 kills, can also use short fuse for shockwave reset every 12 seconds. escape artist for movement. i used turret and proximity mine for gadgets. so u can run holding coconuts while shockwaving clump, take a hit to remove shield, shockwave again, throw nade/eat coconut, 8 sec drop shockwave and repeat. i guess u can also use a hero that fills shield faster to get a quick shield reset everytime.

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