FortniteDB : 9.40 Update

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    New :
        - Single Page View: No longer need to reload the page for specific parts like ( schematics heroes )
        - Added Builds button ( will display all builds associated with the player )
        - Added Stats button - read more about the Stats page below
        - Added Loadouts button - browse ALL load-outs of a player
    Fixes :
    - Automatic change name handling ( can take upto 12h - Leaderboards )
    - Fixed an issue that caused duplicate value storing
    - Fetching new profiles should no longer be an issue

   Rework :

    - Min-maxing section : details here

    Important :
        - Legacy direct links to profile schematics or heroes will be working but you will land on the survivor page.

Stats ( Analytics module )


  •     A new module that allows you to browse anyone's progression gained within 1,7,14,30,90 days
  •     Currently supported

    Experience : Hero, Schematic, Survivor

    Recombobulator : everything

    Flux : everything

    Evolution : tears, bottles, eyes, shards

    Miscellanous : tickets, minillamas, designs, gold

    Profile data ( player progression ) : past commander level, days logged in, zones completed, unslot cost, survivors rescued, play with others, zones explored

    Achievements : Endurance mode - 4 quests

Mission Finder

  •     All filters should be working


  •     Displays top 100 for each category


  • Fixed a few issues in the Stats (Analytics) page, showing 0 value in Play With Others - and few other categories
  • Values above are correctly calculated now for date 1,7,14,30,90
  • Site updated with 9.40 content
  • Fixed tooltip issues in Profile->Loadout ( fully fixed )

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