FortniteDB : 9.20 Update

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New Guides


  • Added fetch timer
  • Fixed an issue that was unabling to see new profiles
  • Added new banners



  • Added global leaderboards refresh timer
  • Added new category quests
    • 30 Waves Endurance Mode - Stonewood
    • 30 Waves Endurance Mode - Plankerton
    • 30 Waves Endurance Mode - Canny Valley
    • 30 Waves Endurance Mode - Twine Peaks

New rank one condition - based on the banner acquisition date.

Following leaderboard categories will show full number instead of rounded.

  • Days Logged In
  • Zones Completed
  • Collection Book
  • Unslot Cost ( How much you spent V-bucks in collection book )
  • Survivors Rescued
  • Play With Others
  • Zones Explored


  • Fixed missing names and images

Login - Profiles

  • Removed verification process - new solution soon


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