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The notification system is back! To register for the new notifications [ if you wasn't subscribed in version 1 ] go to https://fortnitedb.com/v2/en and click Subscribe to notifications on the right side.

The new system will return a zone summary list of notable rewards, previously you got 1 notification each time.

System will notify you when a condition is met

Survivor Experience >= 650k / per run
Schematic Experience >= 410k / per run
Hero Experience >= 410k / per run
Re-perk > 100 / per run
Perk Up (Uncommon) Perk Up (Rare) Perk Up (Epic) Perk Up (Legendary) >= 3 / per run
Survivor Legendary Survivor
Survivor Mythic lead
vbucks Vbucks
Any Legendary reward as an alert reward.
Any 4x Evolution Materials mission.



Improved discord notifications.


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