Submitting Rewards System!

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Hey! Want to help and contribute towards the mission rewards values? It is really simple!

When you are on the landing page https://fortnitedb.com/v2/en click any mission that has a reward value of 0 or is inaccurate enough to correct it.


The old mission preview functionality has been wrapped into this modal where you can choose what you want to do. When you choose Show me the mission you will be redirected to the mission inspect page as it used to be.


When you click Submit Rewards, another window will pop up in which you can easily type in values.

Let me show you an example of how to fill in the form.

Depending on the number of rewards ( individual rewards ) there might be more steps.

  • The first step requires you to type in the chest level, its a value between 2-6 and you can see the number when you pick up your rewards in the menu.


  • In the next steps, you specify how much did you get as a reward. Some missions are quad reward of one type, others can be single rewards. Despite that always type the value you got, don't try to divide or multiply it.



In the end, you confirm that the data is correct, and you should see a confirmation.


When you are logged in the submission will be bound with your username to track who submitted the most data. The more samples on one mission we have the more accurate data we will have in the end. Exactly the same functionality has been implemented in the mission finder https://fortnitedb.com/v2/all_missions you will just need to press the Submit rewards button next to the mission name. Depending on the number of submissions this system might be out for at least a few weeks.




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