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Icon-TeamPerk-BoomBase-128_2.pngBoom B.A.S.E.

Description : B.A.S.E. blasts Steel Wool music, increasing Damage by [Ability.Line1]% and Critical Rating by [Ability.Line2] for allies within [Ability.Line3] tiles.

Requirements : REQUIRES: 2 Steel Wool heroes

Requires Constructor as commander.

Icon-Global-Bio-EnergySource_2.pngBio-Energy Source

Description : Recover Shield equal to [Ability.Line1]% of Energy lost.

Requirements : FOR EACH: Hero with 3 or more stars

Icon-TeamPerk-BlakebeardsTreasure-128_2 Blakebeard's Stash

Description : Eliminations have a [Ability.Line1]% chance to uncover one of Blakebeard's stashes. Search them to find Peg Legs, Coconuts, and Cannonball Grenades.

Requirements : REQUIRES: 3 Pirates

Icon-Soldier-CoolCustomer-128_2.pngCool Customer

Description : With Stay Frosty active, using an ability reduces Cooldown of all abilities by [Ability.Line1] seconds and ends Stay Frosty.

Requirements : REQUIRES: 5 heroes of Rare or higher rarity

Requires Soldier as commander.

Icon-Ninja-DimMak-128_2.pngDim Mak

Description : Shadow Stance regenerates [Ability.Line1]% Shield per second.

Requirements : FOR EACH: Ninja

Requires Ninja as commander.

Icon-TeamPerk-EndlessShadow-128_2.pngEndless Shadow

Description : Increases Shadow Stance Duration by [Ability.Line1] seconds.

Requirements : FOR EACH: Ninja with 3 or more stars

Requires Ninja as Commander.

Icon-TeamPerk-HuntersInstinct-128_2.pngHunter's Instinct

Description : Eliminations during Evening or Night grant [Ability.Line1]% Damage and [Ability.line2]% Melee Life Leech, up to 40 stacks. These bonuses last until Night ends.

Requirements : FOR EACH: Hero of Epic or higher rarity with at least 4 stars

Icon-Soldier-KeepOut-128_2.pngKeep Out

Description : Frag Grenade leaves an energized area dealing [Ability.Line1] base Energy Damage per second for 6 Seconds. Base Radius is [Ability.Line2] tiles and increases by [Ability.Line3]% with each match.

Requirements : FOR EACH: Soldier

Requires commander with Frag Grenade ability.

Icon-Constructor-KineticOverdrive-128_2.Kinetic Overdrive

Description : Kinetic Overload occurs an additional time.

Requirements : REQUIRES: 3 Constructors with 3 or more stars

Requires Constructor as commander.

Icon-Outlander-LongArmOfTheLaw-128_2.pngLong Arm Of The Law

Description : Increases Anti-Material Charge Range by [Ability.line1] tile

Requirements : REQUIRES: 2 Outlanders

Requires Outlander as commander.


Description : Increases Healing Received by [Ability.Line1]% for each nearby enemy.

Requirements : FOR EACH: Hero of Epic or higher rarity

Icon-Global-OneTwoPunch_2.pngOne-Two Punch

Description : Your next Heavy Attack after using an ability costs [Ability.Line1]% less Energy.

Requirements : FOR EACH: Hero with 2 or more stars

Icon-TeamPerk-PhaseBlaster-128_2.pngPhase Blaster

Description : Every [Ability.Line1] seconds, your next shot will fire a Phase Pulse which deals [Ability.Line2] base Energy Damage.

Requirements : REQUIRES: 2 Outlanders of Epic or higher rarity

Icon-TeamPerk-PreemptiveStrike-128_2.pngPreemptive Strike

Description : Increases Damage by [Ability.Line1]% against full health enemies.

Requirements : FOR EACH: Hero of Epic or higher rarity with at least 4 stars


Description : B.A.S.E. generates resources based on affected structures. Higher tier structures generate more resources. Interact with B.A.S.E. to collect.

Requirements : REQUIRES: 2 Constructors

Requires Constructor as commander.

Icon-TeamPerk-RoundTrip-128_2.pngRound Trip

Description : Throwing Stars return to you, dealing their damage again on the way back.

Requirements : REQUIRES: 2 Ninjas of Legendary or higher rarity

Requires commander with Throwing Stars ability.

Icon-TeamPerk-ShakeItOff-128_2.pngShake It Off

Description : Decreases Duration of elemental status effects by [Ability.Line1]%.

Requirements : REQUIRES: 2 heroes with 4 or more stars

Icon-Outlander-ShiftingGears-128_2.pngShifting Gears

Description : Phase Shift has [Ability.Line1] additional charge

Requirements : FOR EACH: Outlander of Epic or higher rarity

Requires Outlander as commander.

Icon-Global-SlowYourRoll_2.pngSlow Your Roll

Description : Freeze melee attackers for [Ability.Line2] second

Requirements : REQUIRES: 3 heroes with 3 or more stars.

Icon-Ninja-SoaringMantis-128_2.pngSoaring Mantis

Description : Mantis Leap allows [Ability.Line1] additional jump

Requirements : REQUIRES: 3 Ninjas

Requires Ninja as commander.

Icon-Constructor-TrapDamageBoost-128_2.pSupercharged Traps

Description : Increases Damage of traps affected by B.A.S.E. by [Ability.Line1]%.

Requirements : FOR EACH: Constructor

Requires Constructor as commander.

Icon-Global-Hotswap_2.pngHot Swap

Description : Weapon eliminations increase Weapon Damage by [Ability.Line1]% for [Ability.Line2] seconds. Each weapon type can only apply one stack of this effect.

Requirements : REQUIRES: One hero of each class

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