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  1. Table of content Introduction Survivor Squads Lead Survivors & Survivor Rarity Homebase Power Level Survivors & Lead Survivors acquisition Events & Quests Llamas Store Transformations Missions Account Level Expeditions Collection Book Leveling Lead Survivors Upgrade costs Leveling Survivors Upgrade costs Assigning survivors & leads Finding the best Leads & survivors for your squad Stat Spreading Set Bonuses Efficiently Farming Evolution Materials & Exp Research Introduction If you have questions about survivor squads or how to level in Fortnite Save The World, this guide will be perfect for you. It is a comprehensive guide that will touch all aspects that are correlated with increasing your homebase power level and efficiently managing your time and survivors. This isn’t just a how to assign survivors guide, it is much more than that, ranging from efficient material farming to end-game survivor min-maxing. I will be more than happy to get your feedback. If you find any errors or I could extend a section feel free to tell me /u/Kavvson. Without further ado let's get straight to the topic. We will start off with the basics, since the guide will be applicable for anyone. Survivor Squads Currently in the game we have access to 8 squads. Each squad consists of one Lead Survivor plus seven survivors and is specifically bound with a specific F.O.R.T stat. We can distinguish 2 Fortitude, 2 Offense, 2 Resistance and 2 Tech Squads, which translates respectively to 8 Lead Survivors and 56 Survivor slots in total.As you first start the game you will have access to ( the Lead Survivor slot and 3 survivor slots ) in the EMT Squad which grants Fortitude. You will unlock more slots and squads during the main storyline and during Storm Shield 1-6 Defences. Each squad comes with a matching job requirement. ( check 2.4.2 for the full breakdown on matching ) Squad Name Job F.O.R.T stat EMT Squad Doctor Fortitude Fire Team Alpha Marksman Offense Gadgeteers Gadgeteer Resistance Corps Of Engineering Engineer Tech Training Team Personal Trainer Fortitude Close Assault Squad Martial Artist Offense Scouting Party Explorer Resistance The Think Tank Inventor Tech Lead Survivors & Survivor Rarity Rarity is crucial when it comes to survivors, the higher it is the more stat points you are able to get. Presented values are not affected by squad matching and are aimed towards familiarizing you with the rarity concept. Further explanations about how to exceed the maximum power during the squad assignments will be found in the 2.4.2 section that will explain the breakdown of matching. Rarity Base Power Maximum Power Common 1 25 Uncommon 5 49 Rare 10 80 Epic 15 114 Legendary 20 130 Mythic 25 145 The same rarity principle applies to Lead Survivors with the exception there are no Common rarity lead survivors. The base values stay the same, but the maximum power is a bit different. Rarity Base Power Maximum Power Uncommon 5 44 Rare 10 72 Epic 15 104 Legendary 20 119 Mythic 25 135 Homebase Power Level When you are thinking about your homebase power level, you should immediately think about your F.O.R.T stats that are the key component of the hbpl. F stands for Fortitude which increases your health and health regeneration by 1% per point. O stands for Offense which increases ranged and melee weapons by 1% per point R stands for Resistance which increases shield and shield regeneration by 1% per point T stands for Tech which increases trap damage, ability damage, gadget damage and healing done by 1% per point Increasing any of the values will lead you towards gaining levels. You may ask how to increase it right? Well F.O.R.T stats are strictly correlated with Survivor Squads, your Account Level and Research. This value can be misleading at the start of the game, there are 3 factors that can increase it. Each of the components will be broken down in this guide and help you understand how are they working. You can distinguish “two types” of F.O.R.T stats. The first one is personal stats and the second one is party shared. While personal stats are restricted only to you, the shared one applies towards the party and you at the same time. Maximum stat points per maxed out “perfect” squad Configuration Personal Shared Total Mythic Lead + 7 Legendary Survivors 993 243 1236 Mythic Lead + 6 Legendary Survivors + 1 Mythic Survivor 1005 246 1251 As you will find out later survivors are not the only way to gain stat points. The Account Level is also grating a total of 164 stat points per F.O.R.T stat. Maxed out research tree provides you with extra 600 points. If you wrap this up the maximum value of F.O.R.T stats per type would be.. ( Considering your squads are perfect, fully completed research tree, 310 Account Level, Mythic Survivors assigned into Offense and Tech ), Party Max applies the same conditions. Stat Source Personal Max Party Max Fortitude Research + 600 Account Level + 164 Fortitude Squads + 2472 3236 3236 +3*243 = 3965 Offense Research + 600 Account Level + 164 Offense Squads + 2502 3266 3266 +3*246 =4004 Resistance Research + 600 Account Level + 164 Resistance Squads + 2472 3236 3236 +3*243 = 3965 Tech Research + 600 Account Level + 164 Tech Squads + 2502 3266 3266 +3*246 =4004 Accumulating personal max of 13004 will put you at 131.16 which is the max for solo Party max of 15938 will put you and your group at 140 - max for party Stats priority : Offense > Tech > Fortitude > Resistance Enough of theory, it's time to take a step back and focus on how to acquire survivors in the first place, then we will follow up with the Account Level and Research. The number symbol on survivors is telling you how much stat points will you get once it's placed in a squad Survivors & Lead Survivors acquisition The game offers a variety of ways to get survivors, most of the listed places where you can find them doesn’t cost you anything and it's acquirable just by playing the game. The primary source of consistently getting survivors would be missions ( rotation dependent ) weekly store ( weekly guaranteed ), and X-Ray Llamas ( luck & money dependent ). Events & Quests Often times you will come across many survivors and lead survivors on your stonewood/plankerton/canny or twine peaks questline. Llamas Llamas are the most common way to get survivors, you can separate llamas into 3 categories V-Bucks (X-ray Llamas) The X-Ray llama store has two llamas, the upgrade llama is always there and the purchase is limited to 50 per day. The featured llama does change every day and the price and content varies depending on the rotation. If you are looking forward to strictly survivors and leaders I highly recommend to look for the Super People - A special llama containing Rare survivors, including at least one Epic or better Hero and Legendary Lead Survivor! Contains 11 tightly packed people. You should also consider buying upgrade llamas, once they become golden - the rarity and quantity of items greatly increases. Before buying you can check its content and determine if its worth buying for you, nevertheless you should focus around looking for Legendary survivors and Legendary/Mythic lead survivors. V-bucks can be obtained from mission rewards and during the main/event questlines. Event Tickets Depending on the event, some event llamas might contain Epic or Legendary rarity survivors but most of the time they don't. Mini-Llamas Mini-Llamas can be acquired from helping in storm shield defences and sometimes as a mission alert reward, they mainly contain low rarity survivors and lead survivors (Common, Uncommon and rarely Rare as they become silver). They do grant a significant amount of seasonal gold as well as survivor experience. Store Another way to acquire high rarity survivors is to get them through the Item Shop, the Event Items store resets quite rarely ( mainly after new seasons or new events ). On the other hand you have 2 random Epic survivors ( random personality and bonus ) each week in the weekly store.The currency used in the store is Seasonal gold which is relatively easy to acquire through playing missions and completing quests. Transformations At a certain point in the game you will get access to a Rare survivor transformation key. To access it go to your armory and select transform. You might see multiple keys, but the most interesting one will be the survivors and lead survivors. There are two types of keys, permanent and consumable - which have a number next to it. Both of the types does the same, the only difference is the amount of People ( Account Resource ) they will require. Consumables does require much less people, therefore always try to use the consumable transform keys before the permanent. Transformations will require some resources to sacrifice, so make sure you select things you won’t be using. Typically go use schematics that you have a duplicate off, I would not suggest to use survivors, unless the rarity is not satisfactory. Also make sure to fulfill the requirement to max, else you will be granted a lower rarity variant. The fastest way to get People is to play Evacuate The Shelter or Rescue The Survivors missions. Missions Survivors as well as lead survivors constantly appear in the mission rotations. Currently the missions rotates every 24 hours, so it's fairly easy to get hands on this kind of rewards. If you are a new player or an veteran looking for Legendary survivors, make sure to grab them once they are available. If you want to inspect the actual rarity of the survivor or lead survivor press Account Level When you first start out with the game you will be account level 1. You can increase the levels by completing missions. The maximum level is 310, though after that the game is still tracking the excess levels. I refer to it as “past level” - the value can’t be seen within the game. The Account Level progression is a crucial factor in progression, each time you gain a level you will be granted a reward ( from level 2 till 310 ). The most notable rewards are F.O.R.T stats which will directly increase your HomeBase Power Level. ( Basic stats concept is covered in point 2. ) F.O.R.T stats will be granted at levels 2-5, 11-14, 21-24, 31-34, 41-44, 56-59, 61-64, 71-74, 86-89, 96-99, 106-109, 121-124, 131-134, 141-144, 156-159, 176-179, 196-199, 221-224, 231-234, 241-244, 256-259, 271-274 and 291-294 As a side note I will include skill points, which technically doesn’t increase the power level, but are really handy during the leveling process. Skill Points which allows you to upgrade your tools such as backpack size, building and repair speed, building health, pickaxe damage, storm shield storage capacity as well as unlocking and upgrading your gadgets. At the beginning you should focus around the Adrenaline Rush and Hover Turret. Tools wise, go for Building Health > Building And Repair Speed > Pickaxe Upgrade > Backpack Size I reckon the backpack size isn’t the most go after upgrade when you start, you will have plenty of free room and most of the time you won’t be able to fill it out. Once you start progressing and find yourself in a spot that you need it go for it. As a side not another thing to be mentioned is that Building Health and Building And Repair Speed is shared across the party - if you find yourself in a game with somebody, the player with the highest level will apply it for everyone. Skill points are granted at the following levels ( quantity x level ) 1x 10, 1x 15, 1x 25, 1x 30, 1x 35, 1x 45, 1x 55, 2x 60, 2x 65, 2x 75, 2x 80, 2x 85, 2x 95, 2x 105, 2x 115, 3x 120, 3x 125, 3x 135, 3x 140, 3x 145, 3x 155, 3x 160, 3x 165, 4x 175, 4x 185, 4x 190, 4x 195, 4x 200, 4x 205, 4x 210, 4x 215, 5x 225, 5x 230, 5x 235, 5x 245, 5x 250, 5x 255, 6x 260, 6x 265, 6x 270, 6x 275, 7x 285, 7x 290, 7x 295, 8x 300, 8x 305, 8x 310 After Account Level 310, you won’t get anything apart from evolution materials and recombobulator materials. There is a set of 20 rewards, after level 330 the rewards start over from 310 from there it's an infinite loop. Survivors and Lead Survivors During the leveling (1-310) process you can get 30 survivors in total (15 subordinary survivors and 15 Lead survivors ). 1 Uncommon 6 Rare 5 Epic 5 Legendary Level Rarity 16 Uncommon 27 Rare 49 Rare 81 Rare 104 Rare 126 Rare 148 Rare 163 Rare 187 Rare 214 Rare 229 Epic 238 Legendary 261 Legendary Level Rarity 288 Legendary 304 Legendary You can also acquire Lead survivors, most of them come with a predefined job match. Level Reward 46 Random Rare 66 EMT Rare 101 Corps Of Engineering Rare 113 Gadgeteers Rare 128 Close Assault Rare 146 Training Team Rare 161 The Think Tank Epic 191 Scouting Party Epic 226 EMT Epic 239 Random Epic 254 Corps Of Engineering Epic 269 Gadgeteers Epic 284 Close Assault Epic 296 Training Team Epic 306 The Think Tank Epic Expeditions Expeditions are special missions that your heroes can conduct on their own. You choose an expedition, assign one or more heroes, and send them off. The ratio between the expedition's Target Power Level (difficulty) and the combined hero's PL in the squad determines the success chance. For the duration of the expedition, the heroes will be unavailable for playing. Send heroes on expeditions which you do not play, or those which you play, overnight. When the time is over, the expedition returns. If your heroes were successful, the loot is yours! If they weren't, you get nothing. No harm will occur to your heroes though. New expeditions are available every couple of hours. Which expeditions you get depends on your game progress and your unlocked vehicles. Expeditions are available under the Command -> Hero -> Expedition tab. Expeditions are a great source for getting People that will help you in the transformation process (see 2.1.4). Other than that you will mainly come across low rarity survivors - mainly Common, Uncommon, Rare. Required Power Expedition Name Rewards 85 Temp Help ( 6 hours ) Recruits - small People 100 Temp Help ( 16 hours ) Recruits - medium People 120 Tiny Titanic ( 8 hours ) Rescued Survivors 1-2 Low rarity survivors 130 Survivor Scouting ( 8 hours ) Rescued Survivors - small 1 Low rarity survivor 250 Training Day (16 hours ) Rescued Survivors - medium 1-2 Low rarity survivors 270 Lifeguard! ( 16 hours ) Rescued Survivors - medium 1-2 Low rarity survivors with a chance to get Epic 370 Hope floats ( 16 hours ) Rescued Survivors - medium 1-2 Low rarity survivors with a chance to get Epic 390 Seriously, please stop doing that. ( 16 hours ) Rescued Survivors - medium 1-2 Low rarity survivors with a chance to get Epic 545 … of the fittest ( 20 hours ) Rescued Survivors - large 1-2 Low rarity survivors with a chance to get Epic Required Power Expedition Name Rewards 785 Survivor: Survivor ( 22 hours ) Rescued Survivors - large 1-2 Low rarity survivors with a chance to get Epic 825 Don't stop kicking ( 22 hours ) Rescued Survivors - medium 1-2 Low rarity survivors with a chance to get Epic 835 Drago! ( 22 hours ) Rescued Survivors - medium 1-2 Low rarity survivors with a chance to get Epic 1540 Manager Sea Training ( 24 hours ) Rare chance to see Huge Manager Pack 1 Legendary Lead Survivor Transform Key 1640 Highfilter ( 24 hours ) Rare chance to see Huge Manager Pack 1 Legendary Lead Survivor Transform Key Collection Book Precaution : Collection Book is a great way to get survivors and lead survivors but I strongly do not recommend to use it especially for new players. If you do plan to do so ( and your new ) let me list you the possible rewards until level 100. Keep in mind that to gain level in the collection book you have to insert different type of items into it, and in the end you won’t be able to use them, unless you pull them out usually for 20 V-bucks. If you are getting any duplicates you should consider storing them here, but rather never if you got one copy. Survivors : 11 Epic 2 Rare Lead Survivors : 4 Rare Level Reward 9 Random Survivor (Rare) 13 Random Lead Survivor (Rare) 24 Random Survivor (Rare) 26 Random Lead Survivor (Rare) 38 Random Survivor (Epic) 42 Random Survivor (Epic) Level Reward 45 Random Lead Survivor (Rare) 49 Random Survivor (Epic) 65 Random Survivor (Epic) 73 Random Survivor (Epic) 79 2x Random Survivor (Epic) 82 2x Random Survivor (Epic) 86 Random Lead Survivor (Rare) 97 2x Random Survivor (Epic) Leveling Lead Survivors The general rule of thumb when it comes to picking lead survivors leveling. Always focus on the highest rarity first Mythic > Legendary > Epic > Rare > Uncommon You should always level your leader first if he is matching the squad job. The reasoning behind this is that the leaders do grant a lot more stat points ( more detailed in section 2.4.2 ) - in general matching any job for a squad doubles the leaders points. Default values without matching Rarity Base Power Maximum Power Uncommon 5 44 Rare 10 72 Epic 15 104 Legendary 20 119 Mythic 25 135 All job requirements & personality possibilities will be covered in the 2.4.2 section. Upgrade costs Cost breakdown to fully upgrade a given lead survivor. Uncommon leaders are a great starting place for new players, and are really easy to acquire through the methods covered in section 2.1. Rare leaders is another great survivor for new players providing 72 stat points ( doubled on matching ), really cost/points efficient. Epic leaders best for mid game, obviously you want to aim at the higher rarities, but totally fine to use due to the 15 difference from Legendary Legendary leaders are definitely a good choice if you find yourself struggling getting a Mythic, and the stat points difference on match is only 32. Mythic leaders are the best is slot option for any squad. Getting them might be an issue sometimes because they are really rare, there is a chance that a Mythic leader will be obtainable from a mission alert, but that happens once in a few months but definitely possible. Leveling this survivor will enormously boost your stat points, but the upgrade costs are the highest in the game. Total cost of fully level a set of 8 leaders Rarity Uncommon 144 32 0 0 8 545,000 Rare 432 144 48 0 80 1,324,000 Epic 1,040 384 192 64 224 2,634,000 Legendary 1,440 480 240 80 336 3,180,000 Mythic 1,840 576 288 96 336 4,216,000 Leveling Survivors As we have a basic understanding of where to find survivors, we can proceed and actually work our way through the leveling process, and what the best practices are. As a reminder from section 2 - each squad that is fully upgraded and consists of a Mythic leader and is followed by 7 Legendary survivors will grant you 1236 stat points respectively to the squad. There is a case that this value can be different because of the Mythic survivors. Currently there are 2 available in the game. General rule of thumb when it comes to survivor leveling - always focus on the rarity first Mythic > Legendary > Epic > Rare > Uncommon > Common Joel - Is a Mythic survivor that can be acquired during the Joel’s Pub quest which is available after completing Plankerton Storm Shield Defence 5. He comes with a predefined personality - Dreamer and the set bonus is random. He can be assigned in the following squads Corps of Engineering Tech The Think Tank Tech Scouting Party Resistance As we can see, the only reasonable squad that the best spot would be in the Corps of Engineering or The Think Tank which will provide us Tech. Karolina - Is another Mythic survivor that can be acquired during the Plankerton Side Quest - Portraits Of Someone Special. She comes with a predefined personality Adventurous and the set bonus is random.She can be assigned in the following squads Fire Team Alpha Offense Close Assault Squad Offense Scouting Party Resistance In this case we have to choose obviously between Fire Team Alpha and Close Assault Squad, the decision is up to you, but I will provide you some tips in the 2.4.2 Matching priority section. Below you will find the costs of leveling up a given rarity to the maximum available level. As you might see the rarity does impact the values you can get off a survivor. Therefore getting the highest possible rarity is crucial (there is one exception I will cover in the point 2.4.4). The number symbol on survivors is telling you how much stat points will you get once it's placed in a squad ( I will cover the matching priority in the next section, because there is a way to increase the values). Upgrade costs When you first start out with the game you might find yourself using Common survivors. The leveling process is fairly easy to execute, and the cost is relatively cheap. This is the total cost of leveling a Common survivor to level 20 which translates to 25 , which is the maximum stat points which you can get out of a Common Survivor Uncommon survivors are a bit more expensive in the leveling process. They also require Training Manuals, which can be acquired from Recycling Survivors, Heroes or Defenders as well as from certain quests and during the Account Level progression. The maximum level is 30, which translates to 49 Rare survivors do provide much more stat points than Uncommon survivors and most of the time for new players this will be the best spot to use them as they are really easy to get. The maximum level is 40, and the number of stat points which you can get is 80. The leveling costs are reasonably low at this point Epic survivors are a great value of stat points to leveling cost. During the mid-end game you will find yourself using a lot of them. And as a Founder you can constantly keep acquiring them through the Transformation process (see 2.1.4). From this rarity and above the maximum level is 50, the leveling costs have drastically increased since the last rarity but it's fine since you can get 114 stat points which is not far off the maximum value Legendary survivors are the currently best subordinates you can acquire and getting them shouldn’t be a problem when you read through the point 2.1Survivor Acquisition section. The maximum level is the same as in the Epic variant - 50. Though the maximum stat points increase to 130, the cost of leveling is quite expensive, especially if you are in Stonewood or Plankerton, but definitely you should focus on upgrading those. Mythic survivors are special types of survivors that can only be acquired through the storyline. They were introduced to the game to memorize Epic employees that have worked on Fortnite Save The World but have passed away. Once you get your hands on those 2 survivors you should immediately use - remember to assign them in Offense and Tech Squads and level them, the maximum stat points you can get is 145 To fully level out 7 survivors within a squad with the given rarity you will need the following amount of resources. The total cost of fully level a set of 7 survivors Rarity Common 21 0 0 0 0 136,500 Uncommon 84 21 0 0 7 481,250 Rare 252 84 28 0 70 1,170,750 Epic 560 252 126 42 196 2,325,750 Legendary 700 336 168 56 294 2,800,000 To fully level out 7 survivors in all 8 squads with the given rarity you will need the following amount of resources. The total cost of fully level a set of 56 survivors ( 8 Squads ) Rarity Common 168 0 0 0 0 1,092,000 Uncommon 672 168 0 0 56 3,850,000 Rare 2,016 672 224 0 560 9,366,000 Epic 4,480 2,016 1,008 336 1,568 18,606,000 Legendary 5,600 2,688 1,344 448 2,352 22,400,000 Assigning survivors & leads This section will cover everything you need to know about properly assigning all your squads. To start things off I am strongly against using the autofill option - it is simply not efficient to do it this way although it might be a tempting option for the newer players. If you used this feature, I recommend you to clear all the squads and follow these simple steps and understand how you can do it manually and gain much more from it. Understanding how squads are working in general. Each squad consists of a Leader, and 7 subordinate survivor slots. The value on the top left represents the number of stat points its granting. This value is directly affected by the survivor level itself and depending on the leader - the subordinates might receive either a matching bonus, a penalty or stay unaffected. The sum of all stat points will be presented in top left corner of a squad and in the survivor squads list. Maximum stat points per maxed out “perfect” squad Configuration Personal Shared Total Mythic Lead + 7 Legendary Survivors 993 243 1236 Mythic Lead + 6 Legendary Survivors + 1 Mythic Survivor 1005 246 1251 Each squad requires a specific job match to boost the leader stat points. Identifying the job match for squads Each squad will have an icon in the first row which will tell you what the matching leader job is. Squad Name Job match EMT Squad Doctor Fire Team Alpha Marksman Gadgeteers Gadgeteer Corps Of Engineering Engineer Training Team Personal Trainer Close Assault Squad Martial Artist Scouting Party Explorer The Think Tank Inventor Benefits of matching the leader job Basically each time you match a Lead Survivor he will give you twice as many stat points. A leader that is being wrongly assigned to a squad the job match icon on the bottom right is not highlighted. Below is a table explaining the matching benefits of leaders. Rarity Base Power Maximum Power Unmatched Matched Unmatched Matched Uncommon 5 ▲10 44 ▲88 Rare 10 ▲20 72 ▲142 Epic 15 ▲30 104 ▲208 Legendary 20 ▲40 119 ▲238 Mythic 25 ▲50 135 ▲270 First and foremost before doing anything in your squad, make sure your using the highest rarity leader available for a given squad, and make sure he is matching the job. The penalty system The penalty system is related to Mythic leaders strictly. Whenever your subordinate survivors don’t match the leader personality-wise, they will face a -2 stat points penalty. Matching Bonus Before you start matching your survivors make sure you have the leader job matching with the squad. In this example we will use Analytical personality of the leader in the Gadgeteers squad with the job match Gadgeteer. We want to make sure we have a sufficient amount of survivors that will match the leaders personality Analytical. The rarity doesn’t matter, always go for the matching personality first then for the rarity. Below I will show you the matching benefits of survivors against the leader. To easier read the table, find the desired Leader Rarity and then check for the survivor rarity. As a reminder here are the base values for survivors, unaffected by matching. Rarity Base Power Maximum Power Common 1 25 Uncommon 5 49 Rare 10 80 Epic 15 114 Legendary 20 130 Mythic 25 145 Matching Personalities - Survivors against Leaders Leader Rarity Survivor Rarity Match : Maximum Power Unmatched Uncommon Common 27 ▲+2 25 Uncommon 51 ▲+2 49 Rare 82 ▲+2 80 Epic 116 ▲+2 114 Legendary 132 ▲+2 130 Mythic 147 ▲+2 145 Rare Common 28 ▲+3 25 Uncommon 52 ▲+3 49 Rare 83 ▲+3 80 Epic 117 ▲+3 114 Legendary 133 ▲+3 130 Mythic 148 ▲+4 145 Epic Common 29 ▲+4 25 Uncommon 53 ▲+4 49 Rare 84 ▲+4 80 Epic 118 ▲+4 114 Legendary 134 ▲+4 130 Mythic 149 ▲+4 145 Matching Personalities - Survivors against Leaders Leader Rarity Survivor Rarity Match : Maximum Power Unmatched Legendary Common 30 ▲+5 25 Uncommon 54 ▲+5 49 Rare 85 ▲+5 80 Epic 119 ▲+5 114 Legendary 135 ▲+5 130 Mythic 150 ▲+5 145 Mythic Common 33 ▲+8 23 ▼-2 Uncommon 57 ▲+8 47 ▼-2 Rare 88 ▲+8 78 ▼-2 Epic 122 ▲+8 112 ▼-2 Legendary 138 ▲+8 128 ▼-2 Mythic 153 ▲+8 143 ▼-2 Compact matching table Leader Rarity Matching bonus Mismatch penalty Uncommon ▲+2 - Rare ▲+3 - Epic ▲+4 - Legendary ▲+5 - Mythic ▲+8 ▼-2 Finding the best Leads & survivors for your squad Step by step guide To start things off, you need to know that each squad has only 3 possible leader personalities. Knowing this is crucial because personalities are overlapping within different squads, and this might become confusing for new and even experienced players. You will find useful information here whether you are a beginner - mid player or end-game min-maxing, I am going to use the Collection Book which will help us to count and list all the possible Leader & Survivor variations. Currently, the game offers 8 personality types, and each survivor will come with one random of them, the only exceptions are the Mythic survivors which have a predefined personality. There are no better or worse personalities, although squads will be limited to 3 personalities each. Adventurous Analytical Competitive Cooperative Dependable Curious Pragmatic Dreamer Squad Job Possible Leader Personalities Stat EMT Squad Doctor Fortitude Fire Team Alpha Marksman Offense Gadgeteers Gadgeteer Resistance Corps Of Engineering Engineer Tech Training Team Personal Trainer Fortitude Close Assault Squad Martial Artist Offense Scouting Party Explorer Resistance The Think Tank Inventor Tech #1 Finding the possible leaders for given squad If you didn’t know yet - the Collection Book lists all of your unassigned Lead Survivors under the Personnel Tab and sometimes even Event People - Costume Party ‘Attendees’ Tab. I highly recommend clearing all your squads first, because you won’t be able to see the equipped squads. The Lead Survivors tab will show you all the possible leaders broken down into their corresponding job. If you see a moving border with a number on the bottom right, that means you have such a leader in your armory. How this can help? Well take for example the Lead Explorers, I have 2 Uncommon 1 Rare and 1 Epic leader, so we would usually choose the highest rarity. If you have more than 1 leader of a given rarity, check their personality simply by clicking the card and pressing the inspect button. But also keep in mind that the Mythic leaders are stored under the Unique Leads category. So even before checking the Lead Survivors tab, first check here and if you don’t find anyone here - go back and work from there. Leaders personalities are displayed accordingly here. Avoid using the same personality in multiple squads, you might find trouble finding all the matching survivors. Once knowing all our possible leader options, go ahead and assign them in the squads - remember to choose the highest rarity one. Mythic > Legendary > Epic > Rare > Uncommon As we know each squad provides different types of F.O.R.T stats, applying the Stats priority : Offense > Tech > Fortitude > Resistance, we start first with the most important squads that provide Offense, and then proceed to the other squads. That's because we need to focus around Offense and Tech Squads and prioritize assigning the 2 Mythic survivors in them, the Fortitude and Resistance squads should be worked around the remaining survivors and leaders. Remember always to max out your lead survivor before any of the subordinate survivors. #2 Assigning the Offense Squads For the Offense squads, we end up with the following available personalities Remembering we have one of the Mythic survivors ( Karolina ) available, this forces us to have an Adventurer leader in either of these squads ( preferably in the squad with the highest leader rarity ). We will be left with these personalities left to use #3 Assigning the Tech Squads In the Tech squads, we have the following personalities available Two of them are repeating, so that will make things easier, knowing that is also apart from the Offense, do not use this personality if possible, unless you got all 14 survivors. Joel has the Dreamer personality, again we can choose between both of the Tech Squads (preferably in the squad with the highest leader rarity) #4 Assigning the Fortitude & Resistance Squads It doesn’t really matter much at this point, the key is to maximize our Offense and Tech Squad. That doesn’t mean that you ignore the rest of the squads of course. In 2.4.3 section you will learn about Stat Spreading. Try to match the rest of the 4 squads as best as you can, and avoid using in other squads. #2 Choosing the right survivors for a squad Of course, we will be using the Collection Book again, this time in the Personnel Survivors tab. The Survivors category lists all the possible survivor rarities and each of them has 8 possible personality variations, this way you can easily manage your survivors both for a new game and end-game players with hundreds of survivors. Once your leaders are in place, check for the personality icon, for example let's say we are looking forto fill out Offense Squad. As displayed in the picture I have 16 Legendary Survivors and 2 Epic with this information we are able to calculate if we have an efficient amount of survivors to fill a squad. As for general matching purpose, I won’t be focusing on the set bonuses, since once you get the idea of properly assigning survivors, then you will just have to add the set bonus matching component ( although it's not needed for new players since it doesn’t benefit you as much ). The flow for assigning a survivor squad ( 2.4.2 section knowledge required ) TLDR of this section Make sure your leader job is matching Make sure you chose the highest rarity leader available Max out your leader Choose subordinate survivors that match the leaders personality and are the highest rarity possible Spread the stats evenly across the survivors Complete set bonuses The set bonus completion should be the last thing you are going for. Another thing you should be aware of is that non-matching Legendary survivor provides more stat points than a matching Epic survivor ( condition from Level 26. 76 of the Legendary Survivor onwards ) Stat Spreading This term is related to the survivors leveling process and is a really important thing to follow, and relies on equally leveling your survivors all across 7 slots - or any given number or rarity you have access to, it will work the same way. Starting off with some examples - both of them are done without a Leader since the idea will work in both cases - though why wouldn’t you use a Leader in the first place... Not using the stat spreading technique Total stat points 168 Survivor Experience used : 37,000 With stat spreading using the same Total stat points 199 Survivor Experience used : 36,900 Just from this very basic example you can see that using the stat spreading method will reward you with greater stat points to cost ratio. In the given example the basic idea was to use 37,000 Survivor Experience - as our budget. In the non stat spreading method we ended up spending all our experience and ended up with 168 , wherein the stat spreading method we ended up with 100 survivor experience left and on top of that we got 199 stat points which is a 31 points difference within the same value. If you haven’t applied this method yet make sure you do it right away. Perhaps you already went the route that you level one at a time? Then spread the points across the remaining survivors and you should be fine. You might say, it's all Legendary survivors ( or other rarities) and your case might be a bit different since you have different rarities across the board, that's fine we can work on that too. First of all make sure your squads are set, and you don’t have any upgrades for a given squad ( f.e I use 5 Rare survivors and 2 Epic survivors in a squad - but I got an unused Epic and Legendary that would match that squad personality-wise ). In the example case you should do the following - Retire two Rare survivors and replace them with the Epic and Legendary. Once they are placed An extreme situation, but probably true for new players, completely wrongly leveled. 80 Lv. 40/40 Rare 80 Lv. 40/40 Rare 28 Lv. 10/50 Rare 10 Lv. 1/40 Rare 10 Lv. 1/40 Rare 35 Lv. 10/50 Epic 35 Lv. 10/50 Epic OK OK OK Replace Replace OK OK So we found those two unused survivors that would match, find in your squad the lowest level survivor, and the lowest rarity one and retire them. In the missing place put in the new survivors. At that point, they shouldn’t be leveled so we will end up with such configuration. 80 Lv. 40/40 Rare 80 Lv. 40/40 Rare 28 Lv. 10/50 Rare 20 Lv. 1/50 Legendary 15 Lv. 1/40 Epic 35 Lv. 10/50 Epic 35 Lv. 10/50 Epic Total stat points 293 You might question yourself how to efficiently level at this point. Let's budget this for 100,000 Survivor experience, would you consider dumping it all into the Legendary survivor? That would increase his power from 20 to74 and totaling our 347 with 1250 survivor experience left… sounds about right? Well, that's wrong logic. First, we will work on the Lv. 1 survivors to get as close as we can get to even them out, which would be level 10. At this point, we have 5 survivors at Lv. 10 and we can continue spreading the points. The process result is below Our example Squad | 100,000 Survivor Experience Budget 293 total 80 Lv. 40/40 Rare 80 Lv. 40/40 Rare 28 Lv. 10/50 Rare 20 Lv. 1/50 Legendary 15 Lv. 1/40 Epic 35 Lv. 10/50 Epic 35 Lv. 10/50 Epic Step One - Try to get a common value of levels - Lv. 10 ( -24,750 Surv Exp ) 336 total 80 Lv. 40/40 Rare 80 Lv. 40/40 Rare 28 Lv. 10/50 Rare 43 Lv. 10/50 Legendary 35 Lv. 10/40 Epic 35 Lv. 10/50 Epic 35 Lv. 10/50 Epic Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged +9 levels +9 levels Unchanged Unchanged Step Two - Start spreading first get all to Lv. 14, then spread to highest rarity 80 Lv. 40/40 Rare 80 Lv. 40/40 Rare 34 Lv. 14/50 Rare 50 Lv. 15/50 Legendary 42 Lv. 15/40 Epic 42 Lv. 14/50 Epic 42 Lv. 14/50 Epic Unchanged Unchanged +4 levels +5 levels +5 levels +4 levels +4 levels Applying the spreading in this example turned out to give us 370 stat points with different rarities, as you see it's also working. If you thought going straight to spent all the 100,000 survivor experience on him you would end up with 347 and 50 survivor experience left. This wraps up the stat spreading section - keep in mind we are not looking here for the matching with the leader, that will be covered later - but understanding the base concept of stat spreading will help you a lot. The stat spreading method should also be applied across the Offense and Tech squads Stat Spreading Order Squad Stat Close Assault Squad Fire Team Alpha Offense Corps Of Engineering The Think Tank Tech EMT Squad Training Team Fortitude Scouting PartyGadgeteers Resistance Set Bonuses Each survivor you come across will have a random set bonus attached to it. Currently, there are 8 possible set variations, some of them are particularly more efficient to use over the other. While set bonuses don’t affect your homebase power level ( even if matched ) it's fair to say that this shouldn’t be the priority while assigning your squads - in the current state its rather an addition than the requirement, especially on lower levels. Set bonuses are increasing the corresponding value by +5%, the exception is Trap durability which is +8%. As mentioned in point 2.4 there is an exception that you go for Epic survivors rather than Legendary, and this is because of the Trap Durability set bonus in particular. You learned about the penalty in the 2.4.2 Matching Priority section already, so you know that matching against a non matching Mythic leaders you will get fewer stat points. This is important especially for the end-game players who beat the hardest content in the game and they run out of Trap Durability When it comes to other bonuses, another decent option is Ability Damage bonus, the rest of them is not particularly working, for example, the Health Bonus, which is supposed to grant 5% Health bonus - I have 157,681 Health, after equipping the bonus my Health becomes 158,993 which is not 5% obviously. Recommendation wise, if you don’t need the Trap Durability across all the survivors ( the total bonus is + 192% ), your fine with whatever combinations. Efficiently Farming Evolution Materials & Exp I will try to keep this section quite short and only recommend which missions you should play and not go into details how actually play the game as this could be easily another 20 pages. You familiarized yourself with the leveling costs of each individual survivor as well as the total value needed to reach the maximum stat points (2.3&2.4.1). This means you need to know an efficient way to acquire all the needed evolution materials. You can distinguish the following evolution materials Pure Drops Of Rain - commonly found in every zone Lightning In A Bottle - mostly found in Plankerton Eye Of The Storm - found in Canny Valley Storm Shards - available in Twine Peaks Survivor Experience - common in every zone Training Manuals, cannot be directly acquired through the mission reward system. One of the ways is to retire unused heroes, defenders and survivors which are above Rare rarity. Another way is through the storyline quest rewards, account level progression, collection book leveling but mainly through the survivor transformation process covered in 2.1.4. You should be choosing missions that are recommended for 4 Players also known as Group Missions, they will grant you 4 times the amount of rewards compared to the normal missions. In order of the most rewarding missions Considering the same Power Level of the mission Category 4 Storm Category 3 Storm Deliver the bomb Evacuate the shelter Retrieve the data Category 2 Storm Fight The Storm Ride The Lightning The higher Power Level of the mission, the greater the amount of rewards you will get, try focusing around the highest comfortable for you missions and keep playing them. If there aren’t any group missions available on the map with a material you are looking for, you can search around the missions looking for the mission alert rewards. The clock icon rewards can be acquired just once. Research The maximum level for each F.O.R.T stat is 120 and it will grant you 600 stat points. Each stat will start at level 0. The research laboratory is the easiest way to greatly increase your Homebase Power Level , especially every 10 levels. My recommendation towards leveling is to evenly spread the levels, despite the stat priority the stat spreading will be the most efficient way to gain power. Starting of level all the F.O.R.T stats till level 10, then 20 and so on. Make sure you log in every 24 hours to receive the research points and allocate them since the storage is limited. You can inspect the current research points generation after clicking the Show Details button. Depending on your research lab upgrades the gains per hour might be different for you. Research lab upgrades can be acquired during leveling your account level, and will be granted at level 28, 53, 84, 118, 153, 184, 218, 248 and 278 respectively. Level Range Research Points required per level 1-10 300 11-20 600 21-30 900 31-40 1200 41-50 1500 51-60 1800 61-70 2400 71-80 3000 81-90 3600 91-120 4200 279,000 research points in total needed per F.O.R.T stat 1,116,000 research points in total needed for maxing out each stat Assuming you will generate 350 research points per hour ( which is Account Level 278 ) you will need ~797 hours to fully level one stat, and ~3188 hours ( about 132 days ) to fully level all of them. Most of the times, people who play a lot will faster complete their squads rather than max out the research. Maximum research is a key component of hitting the maximum Homebase Power Level of 131.16 Each time you advance, you will gain 1 F.O.R.T stat ( 120 in total ) and every 10 levels you will be granted additional stat points as following Level Additional Points 10 7 20 11 30 17 40 25 50 33 60 39 70 45 80 51 90 57 100 61 110 65 120 69 Total points : 480