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  1. Hey everyone, Over the past 6-10 months I have been playing, filming and editing this project - while working full-time. It has been by far the largest project I have ever undertaken and it is now my pleasure to present to you "Ragnarok: Revenge" - my first Fortnite film. I am hoping to make this film the first part of a much larger series (but much shorter films!) so stay tuned :) YOUTUBE LINK: All footage was captured in-game using the original PS4's built in DVR and the films runs at around 25 mins in duration. I hope you enjoy. Synopsis This film follows the story of Ragnarok, a war enthused and blood thirsty angelic warrior who was sent down by the Gods from the Heavens to 'sort out' the warring humans below. He is a fierce warrior and seemingly invincible as he slays tens of thousands of foes. This continues for centuries until one day he disappears, all for the affection of a woman. He lives a life of peace, until he is disturbed and killed by Akira, an evil sorcerer with designs on world domination. After being resurrected, Ragnarok must face many kinds of foes on his journey for redemption and to stop Akira from ruling the world. Music The Horde by Ramin Djawadi King and Country Jeremy Soule Celestial Emissary by Ryan Amon Omen by Ryan Amon Bloodborne (Music Box) by Lil Ritsu Mochida To Glory by Two Steps From Hell Forgiveness by Thomas Newman At a later date, I am planning on making a breakdown video covering all the VFX (kinda) shots featured in the film. But for now if you have questions please feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer you. Thanks, Josh (Moose Gravy)