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  1. All base game weapons are the same, like one crit rate, one crit damage, etc but there are some weapons from the store/events that can roll different combinations. This idea came up when we were trying to find which hardware melee weapons can roll double impact. I think it is only the smasher basher but I could be wrong.
  2. Could we get the launch the rocket Twine missions removed from the data? I keep getting jebaited by them
  3. Would be cool if we could search through weapon database to find weapons with certain possible perks. Examples: * AR's that can have 2 x crit damage and 1 x crit chance * melee hardware weapon that can have double impact
  4. When I go to https://fortnitedb.com/topic/30-100-mission-rewards/ I get
  5. might be too complex but when posting on the forums would be super cool if we could select one of our schematics to include on post
  6. I love all crit build wraiths and lately been enjoying my Hemlock
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