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  1. @Phillip Shriner , yes you may submit the same video link if you managed to complete multiple achievements within the same recording. Also, If you complete Into the Storm IV or III, these will also count downwards toward Into the Storm II as well since you have completed it at a higher difficulty. Simply submit the same link in both achievements.
  2. * * * Submission Rules * * * 1) ALL Challenges are to be completed in Twine Peaks Endurance Mode. We do not have plans to run this in other zone Endurance modes or regular games just yet, but this may change in the near future. 2) Submissions should be in the form of short video clips, or fully recorded runs where necessary, and posted to YouTube or other recognized video hosting site. Certain achievements e.g.: "My Gun's Bigger" to deal 500,000 dmg, a simple screenshot will suffice. Streaming the achievement to Twitch, Mixer or YouTube is also a viable option, and using their archive Video on Demand function to submit. 3) If you wish to stream these achievements for any purpose other than for recording & submission, i.e: Live streaming content, do inform AlluraSC via Direct Message on Discord ( [ASC] AlluraSC#7589 ) or Twitch for administrative purposes. For enquiries or troubleshooting on Achievements and profile matters, do refer to FortniteDB's Discord ( ). For Youtube and similar video content creators, to credit & AlluraSC and include our links in the video description (FortniteDB: , AlluraSC: ) 4) Tier 1 - Epic Achievements can be done in individual, separate runs, and need not be completed all at once, but can be done so if possible. Achievements that do not state the (Complete Twine Endurance) condition can be done without finishing the full run, as only clips for that particular achievement needs to be done. 5) Legendary - Relic Achievements are meant to be extremely challenging, and ALL of these challenge conditions need to be fulfilled within A SINGLE RUN. These seemingly impossible tasks comes with befitting rare and unique titles to celebrate these inhuman feats of strength. We are currently on the lookout for sponsors as well, should this event take on traction and success, so keep your eyes peeled and most importantly, have fun.
  3. P126 Cat 4 ( 4 Player ) 1st: 1,139,500 Hero Exp 2nd: 1,367,400 Hero Exp
  4. P128 Cat 4 ( 4 Player ) Schematic Exp - 960400