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  1. Hiya! I'm Czekskii, and if you haven't heard a ton of people have started getting together to start having more healthy conversations about things with in Save The World. As we are all creators, we are pretty aware that our experience within the game, and how we feel about the current/future state of it can be very skewed. So I would like to pose these questions to the entire community: Mission Systems. A lot has been introduced to the game when it comes to how we earn our resources for upgrading our individual collections. This has left a lot of mixed feeling about a ton of different issues, Endurance players having constant changes to spawns, War Games essential being left feeling worthless, Some missions are to long, etc. Post Hero Rework. Now that we are well removed from the launch of the season 8 Hero Rework (with looming ability changes announced) I feel it is time we put our collective thoughts together on how this has impacted the game over all, and where we would like to see this go towards into the future. My personal feeling on Mission Systems are pretty simple. The time it is expected to finish a mission (Including time calculated for farming) does not always match the rewards earned. Cat 4 Atlas' are extremely worth running if you have the required traps and materials pre farmed and you run with a good team, but on public can be an utter catastrophe. If War Games was longer and yielded more rewards people would find it more worth while to actually run. These are just some examples of my opinions on just a few things this could entail. As far as the Hero Rework.... I love it, but it is definitely flawed. So many Heroes are left next to useless and do not give tangible buffs that we feel in game. This, imo, is due to most abilities being lackluster at the highest level. (PL 300 husks don't care how many stars you throw at them) There is another issue, and this is my personal grievance with the rework. Some heroes just do not synergize well with them selves. Let's take my favorite hero, Urban Assault Headhunter. As mush as I feel she is the best soldier in the game (hit yer shots) Her Fire Rate increase is a very superficial DPS gain. It is short term and defeats her purpose of hitting headshots. There are so many examples out there, but where do we actually want to see heroes end up with their unique personalities and skill sets. Remember, we know the change is coming, but what do we really want. I am not linking any info about the Commander Cast itself because this post is not meant for awareness or self promo in any sort of way. We just want to include as many voices as possible. Not only did we get 40+ content creators coming and sharing their opinions, but u/magyst and u/davethebuck were also there, and want us to continue bringing a more healthy and open form of communication about why we love this game and what we want to see in in the future. This feedback is being compiled and passed on to the Dev Team. All of that being said. This is not one individual's "Thing" Someone new will be hosting and deciding the topics so we can truly reach out about everything with a true form of passion. Everyone, whether it be on Twitch, Reddit, YT, Mixer, or where ever just wants thins game to succeed, and it is about time we put down the pitch forks and have real conversation about very important issues.
  2. 4x cat 4 Atlas gave me 1367.4k Hero Exp.