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  1. I run my canny endurance this morning and thought all was good . then wave 28 , blue screen and message saying game error. all over again. but only a few hours ago an application update came available on ps4. hopefully included was a fix for the game crashes . so im planning to stock up a bit on supplies and run it again. hopefully today will be the day I complete wave 30. ive failed at least 10 times now due to crashing, always on wave 28. I shall post the result...
  2. I keep on getting kicked out of my storm shields when playing endurance. on wave 25-28 the game just suddenly freezes and resets. but when loaded back up its as if ive just logged in for the first time this day. it shows on the missions map mpage that ive got to wave 25, I haven't had any rewards, have lost a massive amount of 130 traps and guns. ive complained to epic on more than 10 occasions. they haven't even answered. ive invested a lot of time and money into the game and find their ignorance disgracefull. anyone else having these problems?