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  1. I followed your guid, but nothing changed for me :/
  2. I feel with u man, but i guess the ability is just random :p
  3. Helped me alot!! Twine SSD with this Squad is eazy peazy!!
  4. Because i love bears i have to get the maximum out of this teddy! I personal like he healing from Survivalist. I played this with the headshot fragment aswell, but my headshot killing rate isn't high enough
  5. I could need som help, but my traps and traptunnels are not on point... SSD: 7+ Epic-ID: UnSpeed Powerlevel: 93 Server: EU
  6. Ich bin auf der Suche nach Spielern mit Niveau In Twine-Peaks stelle ich immer öfter fest, dass die Randis selbst mit PL 80+ keine Ahnung von der Spiel-Mechanik haben, einfach farmen oder AFK sind... Deswegen such ich ein paar Leute für gemeinsame Stunden in den Missionen #nohomo Einfach kommentieren, mich eine PN schicken, oder in Epic-Games unter UnSpeed adden. P.S.: Bitte FSK 18+ (aber Ausnahmen bestätigen auch hier die Regel)
  7. I paid for them so i use them :D i played siegebreaker before as my its like a nice and expensive skin :)
  8. This are my favs for energy Nocturno (Brightcore) Reload Speed Critical Raiting Element: Energy Crit Damage Crit Damage Founder's Drumroll (Sunbeam) Weapon Stability Reload Speed Element: Energy Damage Damage