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  1. Someone who has accomplished all, I would expect them to be a high caliber player. A lot of those challenges take time, especially the book. I’ve personally seen some of these players who are ranked top 25 for mats literally camp the objective while others did the work for them or they’ve put in very minimal effort to complete it. What I want to see are is a list of players who went above and beyond, those are the players with dedication. Yea, the Frostnite banner.. my opinion.. mehhh.. everyone’s got one.. Kuddos to those who have it, not saying it wasn’t easy, but that doesn’t come remotely close in comparison with those who have dedicated countless of hours into achieving it all vs the couple hours it took to get the frostnite banner.
  2. Would be interesting to see a list of players who have completed all of the challenges such as rescue 10k survivors, 1k PWOs, 500k structures built, chest opened, 20k mist monsters, ect. and even tho getting the collection book to level 500 isn’t a challenge, It needs to be rolled up in this list of players who have truly done it all. We talk about it all the time and would love for this idea to be implemented just to see who all is on this, “accomplished all” list. Be more interesting to see vs the guy stacking perkup/evo mats.