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    Daily Rotations Applies to Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks Wargames : "Denied" with "Heavy Explosives" Wargames : "Denied" with "Rolling Fog" Wargames : "Denied" with "Surprise" Wargames : "Safety Zone" with "Close Quarters" Wargames : "Safety Zone" with "Head Games" Wargames : "Safety Zone" with "Trapped Out" Wargames : "Hot Spots" with "Close Quarters" Wargames : "Hot Spots" with "Heavy Explosives" Wargames : "Hot Spots" with "Husk Swarm" Wargames : "Mist Pods" with "Close Quarters" Wargames : "Mist Pods" with "Rolling Fog" Wargames : "Mist Pods" with "No Building Zone" Wargames : "Torn Apart" with "Rolling Fog" Wargames : "Torn Apart" with "No Building Zone" Wargames : "Torn Apart" with "Full Time" Simulations Simulation : "Torn Apart" - A tornado rips through your fort and throw enemies and heroes in the air. Simulation : "Denied" - Anomalies randomly appear, damaging nearby heroes. Simulation : "Hot Spots" - Volcanic ruptures sprout from the ground. Simulation : "Safety Zone" - With the Storm Shield down, you'll have to rely on smaller storm shields. Simulation : "Mist Pods" - Seek and destroy pods before horrible things spawn from them. Challenges Challenge : "Heavy Explosives" - Huskies explode when eliminated. Challenge : "Close Quarters" - The enemies spawn much closer to your base. Challenge : "Husk Swarm" - Only basic husks appear, but at a much higher power level. Challenge : "Rolling Fog" - A heavy fog obstructs your sightlines and your mini-map. Challenge : "Full Time" - No Time Ceats... at all. Challenge : "Trapped Out" - No Traps... at all. Challenge : "Head Games" - Damaged enemies must be finished off with a headshot. Challenge : "No Build Zone" - No building, no repairs, and no pickaxe. Challenge : "Suprise" - The simulation mutates for the second wave. Unknown yet - "UFO" - "Double Trouble" - "Meteors" - "The final meteor in this shower is a HUGE one. Shoot it down, quickly!" - "Nesting Doll" -"Doll Husks. Enuff’ said" - "Overload" - "Teleportation Rifts" - "Teleporting Bomb" - "teleporting bomb must be defended from enemies in this skirmish." - "Tiki Trouble" - "You have been cursed! A tiki statue has surfaced nearby that you must worship to ward off the curse temporarily.", "Press E to Dispell Curse" Names might be not accurate Possible spoilers (Dialogue) | Since you have completed the Storm Shield Defense project for this theater, you have unlocked a special simulation - Endurance Mode! Oooh, sounds fancy and expensive. You know the drill! We have disabled the Storm Shield, which means there's no barrier between you and the hordes outside Start the clock and see how long you survive the escalating Storm front! The field manual says: "The simulation ends when any amplifier or Storm Shield's computer is destroyed".
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    Hey! Want to help and contribute towards the mission rewards values? It is really simple! When you are on the landing page https://fortnitedb.com/v2/en click any mission that has a reward value of 0 or is inaccurate enough to correct it. The old mission preview functionality has been wrapped into this modal where you can choose what you want to do. When you choose Show me the mission you will be redirected to the mission inspect page as it used to be. When you click Submit Rewards, another window will pop up in which you can easily type in values. Let me show you an example of how to fill in the form. Depending on the number of rewards ( individual rewards ) there might be more steps. The first step requires you to type in the chest level, its a value between 2-6 and you can see the number when you pick up your rewards in the menu. In the next steps, you specify how much did you get as a reward. Some missions are quad reward of one type, others can be single rewards. Despite that always type the value you got, don't try to divide or multiply it. In the end, you confirm that the data is correct, and you should see a confirmation. When you are logged in the submission will be bound with your username to track who submitted the most data. The more samples on one mission we have the more accurate data we will have in the end. Exactly the same functionality has been implemented in the mission finder https://fortnitedb.com/v2/all_missions you will just need to press the Submit rewards button next to the mission name. Depending on the number of submissions this system might be out for at least a few weeks. Thanks.
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    Ich bin auf der Suche nach Spielern mit Niveau In Twine-Peaks stelle ich immer öfter fest, dass die Randis selbst mit PL 80+ keine Ahnung von der Spiel-Mechanik haben, einfach farmen oder AFK sind... Deswegen such ich ein paar Leute für gemeinsame Stunden in den Missionen #nohomo Einfach kommentieren, mich eine PN schicken, oder in Epic-Games unter UnSpeed adden. P.S.: Bitte FSK 18+ (aber Ausnahmen bestätigen auch hier die Regel)
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    I love all crit build wraiths and lately been enjoying my Hemlock
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    For the love of all of us that use our special abilities stop with the pirate loot already pleaseeee... Any ability that zooms you anywhere or melee weapon for that matter (Spectral) that zips off after the husk is useless with these chest laying around everywhere!! They catch you up ...stop you... and then once stopped you cant even open them! I dont know if they just randomly flop out wherever they feel like or if ppl are actually placing them in the most inconvenient place on purpose...do the world a favor and open the dang thing before the defense starts if you have no control over where they are & if u do stop putting them in everyones way!!!!
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    MISSIONS + SYSTEMS Introducing: Wargames! Revisit your Storm Shield bases and test your defenses against some destructive and challenging simulations. Simulations will exist in all biomes and we’ll be adding more as the season progresses. The first four are: Torn Apart – A tornado is wreaking havoc on your fort! This simulation causes destruction to your structures, flinging players and enemies into the air. Hot Spots – Volcanic ruptures plague this simulation as lava pools sprout from the ground, damaging structures, and converting enemies into the Fire element. Denied – During the course of this simulation, more and more anomaly rifts appear around the defense point. Standing too close to these hazards will sap your energy and your health! Safety Zone – With the main Storm Shield down, you will have to rely on portable shield generators. Stay inside one of these protective bubbles or feel the effects of the Storm. Enemies will prioritize destroying the shield generators first so keep them protected! Each simulation requires the players to defend their base for seven minutes. A random amplifier is then selected to defend for another seven minutes. Collect “Time Cheats” that appear around the environment to reduce the wave timer. Wargames ramps up the challenge by requiring another player to revive you when your health is depleted. If everyone goes down you will fail the Wargame, so if you are playing solo you will only have one life to complete the simulation. If the simulations aren’t challenging enough, apply one of nine new challenge modifiers for some bonus rewards. These challenges include: Rolling Fog – A heavy fog obstructs your sights and enemies won’t appear on your mini-map. Close Quarters – Enemy spawn locations appear much closer to your base. Husk Swarm – Only Husks appear in this challenge, but they are at a much higher power level. No Building Zone – No building, no repairs, and no pickaxe. Heavy Explosives – Huskies explode when eliminated. Eliminate them before they get too close! Trapped Out – All of your traps are disabled and none can be placed in this challenge. Full Time – Time Cheats don’t appear in this simulation challenge. Surprise – The Wargames simulation is randomized and will swap to a different one in the second wave. Head Games – Damaged enemies must be finished off with a headshot! The Wargames difficulty and rewards are based on the account level of the lowest player in a party and is averaged with public players that assist in your mission. This is to ensure that there is always a challenge in any Storm Shield location. Wargames steps up the challenge as more players join the mission, by increasing the enemy count and enemy power level. Wargames Event Quests! Wargames are kicked off with the Wargames Boot Camp quests! These quests will help players discover all of the aspects of playing Wargames while offering some nice rewards in the process. Learning can be fun! Each Wargames simulation type offers a one-time completion quest which rewards Event Tickets and a unique banner reward to show off your accomplishment. Every Wargames challenge has a one-time completion quest which rewards Event Tickets. Repeatable quests are available for completing both Wargames simulations and challenges. Wargames Daily Challenge Quests Every day brings new challenges for Wargames and your Storm Shields, requiring you to complete a Simulation / Challenge combination in a specific zone. As you progress and unlock new zones in the game, you will unlock a Wargames Daily Challenge slot associated with that zone for a total of 4 per day. Completing these will grant rewards such as Event Tickets and Gold! Storm Shield Quality of Life Updates When you start a Storm Shield Defense or Wargames mission, your fort’s layout is saved. After the current Storm Shield mission concludes, your fort is restored to the saved state. This includes all structures, and traps (durability) placed before you start the mission. Any structures or traps that are placed after the mission starts will be cleared after the mission ends. Community Lookout Enter your Storm Shield in any Zone to join the Community Lookout program! Help other players defend their Storm Shields or jump into the new Wargames Missions as a change of scenery. This updated match-making system prioritizes Storm Shield mission types. Similar to Play with Others, these match-making options offer 20% bonus XP. Before starting a Storm Shield Defense or Wargames mission, players can now opt to “Wait for Assistance”, requiring at least one other public player to join before starting the mission. Re-organized Twine Peaks: Twine Peaks missions now follow a linear path, for better readability than the previously existing structure. Added missions to each region of Twine Peaks to introduce more mission variety, and to provide more mission-loot-rolling opportunities for players. Added at least one additional group mission per difficulty level. Reduced the frequency of XP rewards in high-end Twine Peaks missions, to allow other reward types to appear more often. Reduced environment health scaling in high-end Twine Peaks to not overtake pickaxe damage scaling. Target Practice! A new secondary activity of skeet shooting is available in missions. How many clay pigeons can you shoot down! The Beta Storms have moved on for now, look for them to return in the future. Mission Alert scheduling and quotas have been simplified. Mission Alerts now appear on the map once per day, at the same time each day (Midnight UTC). Missions themselves also refresh on the same timer. Mission Alerts no longer have a rolling 24 hour quota. Instead, each alert visible on the map can be completed one time per day. Mission Alerts that you have already completed today will have a check mark appear next to them, indicating that the mission alert will not grant any bonus rewards until it refreshes the following day. Weekly Quests A quest to complete 10 Mission Alerts will be granted to players once per week. Upon completion you will be able to select a reward - a significant amount of either Event Tickets, Gold, or Perk Materials. The quest’s difficulty requirements and reward quantities will scale up, dependent on your Storm Shield progression. If the week ends while your weekly quest is partially complete, the quest progress will carry over to the next week (rather than restarting with a new quest). Bug Fixes Ensured that a Mega Alert appears on each group mission. UI Added navigation arrows to choose between multiple events in the event callout interface on the Quests tab. Re-enabled and made updates to the X-Ray Llama choice packs. The UI has been updated so that card pack choices are more visible on the shown X-Ray items. Updated the ‘All Stats’ screen to update stats when team members change. Updated ‘All Stats’ screen to highlight team improved stats in blue, to match text of the party members screen. Bug Fixes Fixed the issue that caused blurry schematic images to appear in the store. Fixed being unable to hover on or interact with items when using a mouse on PS4 The Yes/No vote status of the last player who voted on an objective will now properly appear in the mission vote dialog. Players can no longer slot an upgraded item in the collection book if the original schematic is unable to be recycled. This would initially create an error message when attempting to overslot an item and prevents unique schematics, like the Bowler, from being destroyed. Items inspected from the Collection Book Item picker can now be upgraded and favorited. The Mini Map will now correctly display important mission information after closing the big map. Menu text will no longer rapidly change sizes when the player hovers over the menu buttons. PERFORMANCE Reduced hitches related to players connecting to a match while other players are already in zone. Reduced in-zone asset loading around Hoverboard use, gameplay effects, and audio. Improved framerate when rendering the HUD. Reduced cost of supporting interaction with quest items. Resolved a source of big hitches due to loaded abilities Improved rendering performance on Xbox One Bug Fixes Fixed an audio hitch when a player is sent an idle message. HEROES We’ve added a new Hero to the Event store! Black Knight Garridan, a new Mythic Constructor! New Team Perk: Kinetic Overdrive Kinetic Overload occurs an additional time. Requires 3 Constructors with 3 or more stars New Ability: Goin’ Constructor Equip a hammer which deals an enormous amount of physical damage and a shield that reduces 95% damage from the front. Lasts 16 seconds. Standard Perk: Knight’s Impact Increases Hardware Impact by 33%. Commander Perk: Knight’s Impact+ Increases Hardware Impact by 75%. Additionally, Goin' Constructor can trigger Kinetic Overload. Available in the Event Store May 9th at 8 PM Eastern Time We’re introducing a new Dinosaur Hero! Paleo Luna, the new Dinosaur Ninja! Standard Perk: Saurian Claws Adds 5.5% of Current Health to Melee Weapon Damage. Commander Perk: Saurian Claws+ Adds 16.5% of Current Health to Melee Weapon Damage. Obtainable from the “Tales from Beyond” Questline. New Team Perk: Blast From The Past Acquired upon acquisition of any Dinosaur hero Requires 2 Dinosaur Heroes Removes all shield and increases Max Health by 200%. Visual update to Kinetic Overdrive. Bug Fixes Suppressive Fire will no longer gain unintended bonus damage from critical hits. Grenade Generation no longer only counts ranged weapon eliminations. Commando Renegade will no longer appear as Special Forces Ramirez on PS4. Miss Bunny Penny can now properly be retired. Players can no longer heal themselves by passing through allies with Phase Siphon. Hunter’s Instinct will now properly life leech off melee weapons only. Bullrush will no longer push defenders. WEAPONS + ITEMS Steam Skewer - the Steampunk Spear! A spear that uses long range thrusting attacks to deal high damage and impact. Available in the Weekly Store from May 9th at 8PM ET until May 16th at 8PM ET. Bug Fixes Weapons no longer visibly eject energy shells after changing the effects quality settings. 1 bullet reload for weapons now reload properly. GAMEPLAY Bug Fixes Visual effects will now show on players who are standing in Slowing Pools. ENEMIES Blaster All new art and animations! Blaster is now more resistant to being interrupted and knocked back by weapon and trap impacts. Blaster blast attack accuracy has been adjusted. Fewer Blasters are allowed to show up at any one time. Poison lobbers have returned to their old skull-throwing selves. Lobbers will now appear less frequently in low level zones as they did before the Love Storm arrived. ART + ANIMATION Bug Fixes & Improvements Fixed a small hole that could appear in Autumn City maps. AUDIO Bug Fixes & Improvements Hoverboard’s mount audio no longer plays at an increased volume. Music will no longer restart when tabbing in and out of game. MedBot revive audio now respects player volume settings. Pickaxe impact audio now plays correctly after swinging multiple times. Added Autumn ambient music to Autumn maps. Updated Deliver the Bomb manufacture and launch sounds. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/patch-notes/v9-00
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    Helped me alot!! Twine SSD with this Squad is eazy peazy!!
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    Hello, Myself and jbrooks84 is offering to help with any Twine Peaks SSD, if you need help reply to this thread with the form below. This does not mean that we will trap your SSD for you, only that we will help you finish it. SSD 1-10: Epic-ID: Powerlevel: Server (NA East, NA West, EU, Oceania, Brazil, Asia): If we're busy we will send you a message here letting you know when we're online again! Note: We have a discord server if need be, PM if interested! Stay Pog
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    Whilst browsing the missions, I like to see what legendary items are available. Wether it be a transform key, weapon, defender, etc. A simple drop down option to see the legendary items like you would see v bucks would be useful Thanks
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    Because i love bears i have to get the maximum out of this teddy! I personal like he healing from Survivalist. I played this with the headshot fragment aswell, but my headshot killing rate isn't high enough
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    Updated the landing page theme due to high demand of v1 lovers ( mobile responsiveness ). I hope you will like this version, any feedback at this point? Added Dedicated timer for each section and zone. After clicking any mission row, a new window will pop-up with the mission preview page https://fortnitedb.com/v2/en
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    Share what you think are the best ranged weapon schematic in the game and also what perks You think is the best to have on that particular schematic and if you made it Sunbeam or Brightcore! My favourite ranged weapons to use at the moment are as listed. Sunbeam Wraith (perks) Crit Damage Crit Damage Critical Rating Reload Speed Element: Fire Sunbeam Bundlebuss (perks) Crit Damage Crit Damage Critical Rating Reload Speed Element: Energy Stay Pog!
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    I am also glad to help most any evening. Just as an FYI
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    I just wanted to say thank you for keeping the site going. STW has a lot of moving parts and your site helps the late game players actually have an overview of what missions to run and if its even worth hopping on. Thanks again for all you do.
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    P126 Cat 4 ( 4 Player ) 1st: 1,139,500 Hero Exp https://imgur.com/ZuYcJul 2nd: 1,367,400 Hero Exp https://imgur.com/jc63m4L
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    P128 Cat 4 ( 4 Player ) https://imgur.com/kQE4ykm Schematic Exp - 960400
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    Mission Finder [ https://fortnitedb.com/v2/all_missions ] Minor filter changes Removed 4 Player checkbox Added 4p Missions in Alert Type filter ( this is how you can find Twine 4p Missions ) Added Mega Alert in Alert Type filter Improved Result area Added timers for each mission Changed 4 player mission images Added missing mission images Moved alert type before power level, hower over the symbol to check it out Landing page [https://fortnitedb.com/v2/en] Added two new categories to address today's mission changes - Twine 4 Player Missions will show the list of all rotating 4 players missions ( every 30 minutes ) Mega alerts - This tab used to be the old 4x Rewards Removed 4x Rewards tab Same result area as in Mission Finder Profiles, Builds, Schematics Added new all new perks, heroes, schematics Fixes Fixed an issue that prevented from posting new builds You won't receive 4 player non alert notifications ( discord / web )
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    I'm here for the Pogs and to help with whatever I can. Already sent you some info on discord, @Kavvson.
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    Yeah there is no rules =D
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    Will be looking forward to more updates :D
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    Subscription plans help us to run the FortniteDB project, mainly covering the server costs and are not mandatory. Each subscriber will receive a unique rank and gain access to a hidden sub-forum. Also, you will get the following forum perks Can give star ratings for content Increased upload size No Ads Subscription tiers
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    easily obliterator (brightcore) CR CR CD CD element: physical although mine is sunbeam due to a misclick