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    The min-maxing section is dedicated to end-game players, it allows you to find the best possible combination of leaders and survivors. How does it work? This section presents all the leaders and survivors that are not used in your current survivor squads - referred as unassigned. For simplicity purposes, the system is working as following ( example ) We have one mythic Doctor and one mythic Engineer on the list. Our unassigned survivor is one legendary Analytical. The result will be that the legendary survivor will appear in both leaders under the legendary analytics category. How to navigate? This section will describe, how to read the presented information and also remind you about the general personality matching. The top-level tree consists of leaders rarity ( marked as 1 ). Depending on if you have such leads you can see the following rarities Mythic Legendary Epic Uncommon Common Second-level ( marked as 2 ), will display all available leaders of a given rarity, possible job matches : Doctor ( EMT Squad ) - Fortitude Personal Trainer ( Training Team ) - Fortitude Explorer ( Scouting Party ) - Resistance Gadgeteer ( Gadgeteers ) - Resistance Martial Artist ( Close Assault Squad ) - Offense Marksman ( Fire Team Alpha ) - Offense Engineer ( Corps of Engineering ) - Tech Inventor ( The Think Tank ) - Tech After expanding the first section you might see varied results ( mix of job match and personalities ). ( marked as 3 ) Personality List Analytical Dependable Cooperative Competitive Adventurer Dreamer Curious Pragmatic Matching limitation applies (squads can have only 3 possible personalities ) as following Doctor ( EMT Squad ) : Engineer ( Corps of Engineering ) : Explorer ( Scouting Party ) : Gadgeteer ( Gadgeteers ) : Inventor ( The Think Tank ) : Martial Artist ( Close Assault Squad ) : Marksman ( Fire Team Alpha ) : Personal Trainer ( Training Team ) : The forth-level ( marked as 4 )consists of rarities of matching survivors and their bonuses with a count of unassigned survivors. Taking advantage of this section Despite this tool suggested beeing designed for end-game players you might also take advantage of it. In both cases, I would advise to unequip all your squads, refresh the page and work on a blank survivors loadout. As you know it only displays unassigned survivors and leaders excluding the currently equipped loadout.