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    Daily Rotations Applies to Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks Wargames : "Denied" with "Heavy Explosives" Wargames : "Denied" with "Rolling Fog" Wargames : "Denied" with "Surprise" Wargames : "Safety Zone" with "Close Quarters" Wargames : "Safety Zone" with "Head Games" Wargames : "Safety Zone" with "Trapped Out" Wargames : "Hot Spots" with "Close Quarters" Wargames : "Hot Spots" with "Heavy Explosives" Wargames : "Hot Spots" with "Husk Swarm" Wargames : "Mist Pods" with "Close Quarters" Wargames : "Mist Pods" with "Rolling Fog" Wargames : "Mist Pods" with "No Building Zone" Wargames : "Torn Apart" with "Rolling Fog" Wargames : "Torn Apart" with "No Building Zone" Wargames : "Torn Apart" with "Full Time" Simulations Simulation : "Torn Apart" - A tornado rips through your fort and throw enemies and heroes in the air. Simulation : "Denied" - Anomalies randomly appear, damaging nearby heroes. Simulation : "Hot Spots" - Volcanic ruptures sprout from the ground. Simulation : "Safety Zone" - With the Storm Shield down, you'll have to rely on smaller storm shields. Simulation : "Mist Pods" - Seek and destroy pods before horrible things spawn from them. Challenges Challenge : "Heavy Explosives" - Huskies explode when eliminated. Challenge : "Close Quarters" - The enemies spawn much closer to your base. Challenge : "Husk Swarm" - Only basic husks appear, but at a much higher power level. Challenge : "Rolling Fog" - A heavy fog obstructs your sightlines and your mini-map. Challenge : "Full Time" - No Time Ceats... at all. Challenge : "Trapped Out" - No Traps... at all. Challenge : "Head Games" - Damaged enemies must be finished off with a headshot. Challenge : "No Build Zone" - No building, no repairs, and no pickaxe. Challenge : "Suprise" - The simulation mutates for the second wave. Unknown yet - "UFO" - "Double Trouble" - "Meteors" - "The final meteor in this shower is a HUGE one. Shoot it down, quickly!" - "Nesting Doll" -"Doll Husks. Enuff’ said" - "Overload" - "Teleportation Rifts" - "Teleporting Bomb" - "teleporting bomb must be defended from enemies in this skirmish." - "Tiki Trouble" - "You have been cursed! A tiki statue has surfaced nearby that you must worship to ward off the curse temporarily.", "Press E to Dispell Curse" Names might be not accurate Possible spoilers (Dialogue) | Since you have completed the Storm Shield Defense project for this theater, you have unlocked a special simulation - Endurance Mode! Oooh, sounds fancy and expensive. You know the drill! We have disabled the Storm Shield, which means there's no barrier between you and the hordes outside Start the clock and see how long you survive the escalating Storm front! The field manual says: "The simulation ends when any amplifier or Storm Shield's computer is destroyed".