Description of Research Points assigment

The tree has 4 ( spot 8,16,24,32 ) survivor slots nodes which has to be picked up first, then we can proceed to expanding the tree.

The preferred way to assign points Offense > Fortitude > Tech > Resistance.

Follow the numeration to get the most efficient patch. This is the final tree.

A really important advice – Once you unlock the 32 nodes go back to your Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Trees and pick up any small stats nodes. Simply because the research points cost is much less then purchasing a one node in Tier 4. In the last tree each node costs 4000 points, you can easily unlock 2 nodes in Tier 1,2 for that price and nearly the same in Tier 3.

Please mind that the research points are hourly generated.

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