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Description of Research Points assigment

The tree has 4 ( spot 3,6,7,12 ) survivor slots nodes which has to be picked up first, then we can proceed to expanding the tree.

The preferred way to assign points Offense > Fortitude > Tech > Resistance.

Follow the numeration to get the most efficient patch. You will need total of 25 research nodes assigned to proceed to the Tier 3 research tree. So after assigning 25 points click the number 26 and proceed to the next tier.

Optional : You can eventually swap some positions pre 25 points to get the storage expanding ( 19a,20a,21a,22a ). The Plane and Truck isn’t really required and possibly won’t be used in early game also. Transformation schemas can be picked up when you feel like but are not required.

Please mind that the research points are hourly generated and it’s much more efficient to stop at 25 points in the second tree and move on to the next.

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