Building BASE / Why should you build?

Most of the missions in the game, especially until late game can be done without building many traps, only firing may win the mission. It makes a good habit to take first and makes it easier, effortless.

Why is that so important then? 4x Players mission is a good example: Such mission can offer important resources / XP as rewards, it will be required from you to know how to build a simple structure to cope with the waves.

If you clicked on this article you may be new to Save the World meta game, feel free to post any question in comments!

Fight the Storm

As following, the basic pyramid with an additional pad for a Gas trap. Generally used for ATLAS missions. Note: If an ATLAS is in the air, you may build a support only. Husks won’t even bother attacking it.

pyramid atlas build scienceAtlas air build science

Resources used:

Keep in mind that we will use “mats” to refer to “Wood/Stone/Metal”. Amount of crafting material may also change depending on rarity, only Legendary will be given as it represents the maximum amount.

  • 1x Gas Trap7x Fibreous Herb, 11x Nuts&Bolts, 1 Bacon, 2x Mineral Powder
  • 140 mats for Level 1 structure, 420 mats for Level 2, 840 for Level 3

When an ATLAS is in the air, build a support structure only. Husk AI is developed in the way that they won’t attack the structure itself if it isn’t a complete wall. Lobbers won’t shoot at it and Flingers won’t throw husks directly into the ATLAS.

There might be an extremely rare bug where Flingers actually attempt to shoot at ATLAS directly. It remains unlikely to happen.

Retrieve the Data

Squared and walls build, remember that you cannot build entirely around the objective before it starts:

Retreive the data build scienceThe purpose of the structure is to gather the husks to the stairs, bump them into the wall to shock / apply gas. Walls will have Shooting darts for any other husk going to way around / stopping by the stairs.

Resources used:

You may not trap the whole structure yourself, it represents the maximum amount of craft for a fully functional structure to keep a reasonable margin of error as well as showing the possibilities that you can choose.

  • 4x Gas Traps:  28x Fibreous Herbs, 44x Nuts&Bolts, 4x Bacon, 8x Mineral Powder
  • 4x Floor Launchers: 32x Planks, 24x Nuts&Bolts, 8x Mineral Powder
  • 4x Wooden Floor Spikes: 32x Planks, 8x Duct tape, 8x Twine
  • 8x Wall Darts: 72x Planks, 16x Mechanical Parts, 24x Twine
  • 4x Wall Dynamos: 44x Nuts&Bolts, 20x Rough Ore, 8x Mineral Powder
  • 290 mats for Level 1, 870 for Level 2, 1740 for Level 3

Ride The Lightning

Serious part now, RTL requires quite a bit more complex structure due to the height build limit on top of the van. Usually the structure will look like this:

RTL Build scienceRide The Lightning Build ScienceSimple walls with stairs to prevent Smashers from dashing into your base, bump husks gathering to save some precious time to roam around. Usually as spawns change, it will require a roof to prevent your base of falling apart in no time.

Not much to say about this one, use the basic building structures and add depending on your style.

Trap tunnel / Kill tunnel

Regardless of the nomination, the purpose will remain the same and I don’t think that I need to explain it to you.

There are different tunnel types with a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep the entrance as close as possible of the middle of the spawn. Otherwise, husks will attempt to destroy the closest wall to their spawn.
  • Don’t overbuild it, you are supposed to stay on top of it to cover the side, as explained previously. It will also cost you too much resources for a single mission.
  • Build smarter, not harder. Think of a plan before starting to build, you can use the environment and use it to your advantage for effortless and use as few resource as possible. A Wall bump with ground spikes (used to slow husks) can be way more effective than any damaging trap.
  • Some missions have storms (husks’ spawn) that change position, then forget about building depending on the middle of the storm, make more entrances in the tunnel with less traps, where spawns are most likely to appear (large open spaces pretty often).

Building Science Tunnel

Building Science Tunnel 2

Elemental husks

Choosing the right material depending on the husks type is important, for instance a Metal structure will be weaker than Brick against a Nature storm.

  • Fire deals 200% damage to Wood
  • Water deals 200% damage to Brick
  • Nature deals 200% to Metal


Those are basic types that you may encounter, the only way to optimize the structures is to take any building type and personalize it, check if it works better than an other and re-work it.

Combine your knowledge of the environment, building type and AI path. Build smarter, not harder

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