The history started on July 25th

Fortnite BirthdayFrom July 24th until August 7th, you will be able to use your Roadtrip Tickets to open the Anniversary Llama celebrating Fortnite’s first birthday.

Sidenote: Birthday Brigade Ramirez will be available through an exclusive birthday questline.

Q: What are the rewards out of the llama?
A: Everything excepted quest related items (For instance: Grave Digger) coming from the past events, even Blockbuster.

Q: During Fortnitemares there were Survivors in the llamas, are they included?
A: No they aren’t unfortunately but they might come back later this year.

Q: What about my current Roadtrip tickets?
A: You won’t lose your current tickets, it remains the Roadtrip event.

Q: I am not really interested, so what’s in there for me?
A: If you have a ton of tickets or prefer to focus on the current event, Roadtrip llama will remain available.

Q: Can I have duplicate items?
As shown by an Epic Producer, it is impossible to have a duplicate. Looting an Epic weapon will not trigger this duplicate security if you loot a Legendary version, you will only lock the Epic version of this weapon. Putting it into Collection book will lock it as well, choose wisely.

When getting a weapon or hero of Epic rarity or greater the llama will not give you something you already own unless you own everything in that category already (Checks both inventory and Collection book).

More technical questions are answered on Reddit by the time but maybe YOU have a question! Feel free to ask us with a comment, we will answer all of them and provide you with sources.

List of items you can find in the birthday llama